Top Feature of Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Feature of Kitchen Exhaust Fans
Feature of Kitchen Exhaust Fans

It is a known fact that exhaust fans are a must for our kitchens and bathrooms. They not only play a key role in reducing the humidity and odour but also play a key role in providing the right ventilation to the living space. With people realizing the importance of exhaust fans, a lot of brands have come into the market offering kitchen exhausts of different types and shapes. However, if you are planning to buy one, here are some of the top or key features that you must look for when you wish to buy a kitchen exhaust fan:

1. Capacity:

The first feature that needs attention is the airflow. Each exhaust fan has an airflow that is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. This is based on the airflow and the size of the kitchen. Normally for small exhaust fans, the range of CFM is 30 to 50. However, the maximum range of CFM when it comes to larger versions of exhaust fans is 200 to 300. Depending on the size of the kitchen you can calculate the airflow capacity that is needed. 

2. Mounting style:

The exhaust fans come in different styles of installation. However, there are three most popular mounting types. Wall mounted which are mounted on the wall and ideally are the most preferred. Then comes the Exterior exhaust fans which are installed on the wall. However, what differs is that the noise created during the process is on the outer side. Lastly, the ceiling-mounted enhance the airflow through the ceiling’s ventilation system. This style is quite famous in modern houses. 

3. Look and design:

Gone are the days when exhaust fans were picked up based on their utility. But now, the design and look of the exhaust fans also matter. Buyers are looking for options that aesthetically fit into the kitchen space.

4. Automation:

Gone are the days when the exhaust fans would come with turn on and off features. Over the years, there has been a lot of technical changes in the way kitchen exhaust works. Features like automatic turn on when the kitchen air is filled with odor or automatic increase in fan speed, when there is an increase in the smoke in the kitchen etc are some of the features that you must look out for.

5. Sound level:

It is a known fact that some models of exhaust fans do make noise when used. But some models are silent killers. Look for models that are reasonably silent because you definitely don’t wish to add any noise to the kitchen clutter.

6. Blade material:

Most of the kitchen exhaust use two types of blades i.e metal and plastic. Very few models use plastic. Normally plastic blade exhaust fans are seen in bathrooms. For the kitchen metal blade, exhaust fans are perfect. Metal blades are robust and are easy to clean. However, in the long run, they are prone to rust or tarnish due to the smoke and grease gathered from the kitchen air. 

7. Energy consumption:

Last but definitely a feature to look for is the energy consumption of the exhaust. Normally, high-speed fans tend to consume more energy compared to the smaller versions. However, if the fan is for a commercial kitchen or a household kitchen with a lot of action, it is suggested to choose for high speed.

Thus, the above-mentioned features will start your search for kitchen exhaust. However, when you look for options, you will realize that many brands are offering a wide range of exhaust fans that match your requirement. Therefore, the final step is to choose the brand from which you wish to pick yours. So, here are some final steps:

1. Know the brand:

The first thing is to check the brand and how successful their exhaust fan range has been. Check on their previous sale record and market review. This will give you a fair idea of how effective their exhaust fans have been. You can also find out the best brands through suggestions. Considering that the concept of kitchen exhaust is quite famous, you can also check with your friends or acquaintances who have got them installed. 

2. Know the price:

Just like the model, these fans are available at different prices as well. You could see a model with the same features but with different prices in a different brand. Therefore, once you are clear which machine you wish to buy, compare the models each brand is providing in terms of features and cost. Choose the exhaust that has maximum features and is product friendly.

3. Know the service:

Lastly, understand the customer service. These fans need to be installed and maintained at regular intervals. Right from installation to periodic maintenance, these exhaust fans need expert support. Therefore, choose a brand that is prompt with installation and post-installation services. 

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