Top Trending Contact Lens Designs

What Are Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are well known around the world. Contact lenses are thin and curved lenses that are placed on the surface of the eye. Most commonly, contact lenses are worn to correct an individual’s vision, but they can also be used for cosmetic purposes.

Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time to plan out those costumes, and make your whole look pop with the right pair of contact lenses and make sure that you leave everyone either stunned or frightened. To help you out, we here at Trendzzone listed the top trends in contact lens designs to aid you not only in your Halloween costume selection but also in your everyday look.

Light Colored Contact Lenses

Nothing beats the classics, that’s what most people would say. That’s why the light-colored contact lenses never go out of style. It’s hazy, semitranslucent, natural appearance is what makes it so easy to pair an outfit with. Whether it be a light blue, fern green, or lavender shade, you will always find the right color to complete your whole ensemble as this is quite easy to purchase, your local eye clinics may have a wide range of colors to choose from.

Dark Colored Contact Lenses

These types of contact lenses have somewhat a solid color to it, unlike its counterpart the light-colored lenses, these are not translucent, you can immediately distinguish the color of the lens as it really pops, especially if you’re going to purchase the bright colors such as orange, neon green, deep purple, etc. more caution is also advised to people who will be using darker colored lenses as some may not let easily pass through your eyes, thus slightly impairing your vision.

Needless to say, these lenses have gained popularity especially this Halloween season, as you can mix and match your specified color choice to your costume. Let’s say you’re going to dress up as an angel, you can wear very bright blue contact lenses, or even get the all-white contacts. Dressing up as the Hulk? Complete your costume with a pair of solid green contact lenses, and smash your way through the party. The possibilities are endless, that is why these types of contact lenses are a popular choice for cosplayers as well.

Hand Painted Contact Lenses

A masterpiece, I would say. This type of contact lens, as the name implies is hand-painted to your customization. The process is, when you visit your optometrist and have your eyes checked out, you will be given the option to have your contact lenses hand-painted to your desired design. You can print the design you want on paper prior to the visit, so you can have it readily available. The optometrist/painter will use his array of small brushes and dyes, to stain a blank piece of contact lens, dropping it in a developer solution which not only aids in color production of the dyes but more importantly hydrating the contact lens. Although this type of customization is not as readily available as the other types in this list, you can easily say that this is truly the epitome of personalized contact lenses.

Sclera Contact Lenses

Considerably the largest of all the contact lenses, these lenses will cover a good amount of your front-facing eyeball (Sclera) as these were created as a last resort for people who can’t find the right contact lens for them. I know what you’re thinking, “wouldn’t it be painful to put on, and uncomfortable to wear because of its size?” I shared the same impression when I first saw these contact lenses, but like the smaller counterparts of these lenses, when you get the right size for you, it will sit on your eye, and you may take time getting used to it, but it will be more and more comfortable as time passes because due to the design of the lenses, it encourages hydration to the eye the whole time it is worn.

Another benefit these Sclera contact lenses give is that they promote the healing of the front-facing ocular surface. Because of its size and engineering, it not only protects the eyes from threats like dust and small debris but also exposes the eye to an oxygen absorptive fluid to help the eyes breathe and circulate oxygen.

Let’s get down to what designs and colors you can get. You can get a pair of all-black Sclera contact lenses and dress up as a demon or black angel, perhaps the solid white color and dress up as a spirit, that would be really spooky! Because of the Sclera lenses’ size, designs and colors are more visible compared to their counterparts. I’ve seen one that gives the illusion of having three pupils in one eye, scary! And if you’re not into so much of the terrifying designs, you can opt to get a pair of flower lenses, or maybe a circular rainbow.

Glow-in-the-dark Contact Lenses

And last but not least, we have the Glow-in-the-dark contact lenses, which in fact actually glows in blacklight. Also a popular choice during the Halloween season, as parties occur at night, also quite a favored choice when planning on attending raves as these glowing colors will compliment your bright and colorful outfit. You can thank the luminescent material encased in the two layers of the contact lenses that a simple black light can trigger to “glow”. Choices for colors and designs of these kinds of contact lenses vary from a simple blue, green, or orange color, and designs are quite straight forward with its solid colors. Why not dress up as a vampire and put on a pair of red glow-in-the-dark contact lenses to complete the ensemble, I’m sure whoever it is you bump into will be stunned or petrified at the sight of your glowing eyes.

Final Thoughts

All that said, even though it is very easy to acquire contact lenses through online shopping, let us remind you that it is vital that you consult your optometrist first for any prescription needs, tips, education, and care about contact lenses.

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