Top Used Cars To Buy in India in 2021

Top Used Cars To Buy
Top Used Cars To Buy

Buying a second hand car in India is a budget-friendly option that gives the best value for your money. Brands nowadays focus on the build quality of the cars. Therefore, most of the models exhibit great longevity and consistent performance for a longer period. 

Not only the investment required for owning the used car, but you also need to ascertain the maintenance costs, on-road performance, servicing expenditure, and fuel efficiency before deciding about the used car to buy. Then only, you can confirm that buying the second hand car will not be an unwanted burden on your budget.

List Of Best Used Cars in India-2021

We have evaluated the popularly bought used cars, to identify the top used cars to buy in 2021. Varying factors, including the cost, maintenance charges, availability, and resale value, have been considered whilst preparing the list.

1. Maruti Swift

Ruling the hatchback segment for more than one and half decades, Maruti Swift has established its identity as a cult model. It has all that it takes to be a leader. Appealing appearance, great road presence, elegant design and exclusive features. Undoubtedly one of the best models that came from India’s top brand, Maruti.

Maruti Swift also is a maintainer friendly car that doesn’t bother you with frequent maintenance requirements. Further, the spares and accessory rates are also affordable to everyone. All these elements make Maruti Swift the top used car to buy in 2021.

2. Maruti Alto

Another winner from the house of Maruti, Alto is a family car. A small family can accommodate comfortably in this low priced hatchback. You can travel without much concern of soaring fuel prices, as the model has a fuel-efficient engine as well.

The affordable price, low maintenance costs (as low as a two wheeler) and resale value are this model’s positives. You can definitely opt for Maruti Alto if you don’t have the budget for Swift. Maruti Alto is the top choice for a small family thinking of owning a four-wheeler.

3. Honda City

Are you looking for a used sedan to buy in 2021? Then, Honda City would be one of the best choices. Having a great road presence, it has been considered as a status symbol as well. The prime model from Honda, the car is installed with outstanding features and elements. Honda City has the elegance and charisma to turn eyes.

The maintenance costs of the car will not be at a low range. Further, the quality guaranteed by the name “Honda” doesn’t need any second opinion. You can buy a Honda City used car in 2021 if you have the budget available. The long sedan will be an object of pride for you.

4. Maruti Ciaz

A highly popular sedan from Maruti, Ciaz has been selling as a hotcake. The model has all the excellent features that you can call it a feature-loaded car. You can definitely check out second hand Ciaz in case you are looking to buy a used car in 2021. It will surely be one of the top models to look out for in the used cars to buy in 2021.  

5. Hyundai i10

A successful hatchback from Hyundai, the model has its presence in top-selling used cars as well. Therefore, the Hyundai i10 is one of the top used cars to buy in 2021. The carefully designed hatchback, with an array of features, has been winning customers’ applauds for its performance and maintenance-friendly factors.

You can choose the Hyundai i10 without any doubt regarding build quality or performance. The assurance from the brand, Hyundai, itself is enough to drive customers to the model. Reach out to reliable used car dealerships to view the collection of used Hyundai i10 and undertake a test drive.

If you want to know the real mileage of you car use this guide.

The above-mentioned are the top 5 used cars to buy in 2021. There are other used cars as well, which could be checked out for buying. Maruti Vitara Brezza, Toyota Innova, and Mahindra XUV 500 can be looked into for those opting for big cars. The second hand car market has been growing with the entry of many reputed car dealers commencing used car segments for sale of quality-proven pre-owned cars at competitive prices.

Presently, you can get second hand cars without any car brokers or agents in between. The established dealerships evaluate and inspect the cars before fixing the selling price and placing it for sale. The client-centric attitude has driven many customers towards used cars. Buying a second hand car could be a perfect choice in 2021.

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