Toughest Stains on Your Carpet

Remove Toughest Stains
Remove Toughest Stains

Carpets! They really bring out the beauty of the room, don’t they? Although you have to keep them clean. Stains and dirt can do the opposite- instead of bringing out the beauty of the room, it can make the room look worse! Carpets are like toddlers, you have to constantly keep an eye on them to make sure they are safe and clean and not getting into trouble in any way. Stains are like sneaky enemies of carpets, before you even know it, they are there!

And these sneaky stains can be of many kinds, blood stains, food spill stains, red wine stains, drink spill stains, chocolate stains, ink stains, vomit/urine stains, mud stains and many more. The list of the kinds of stains on the carpet can be really long! But today, let’s talk about the stains that are the toughest to get rid of, on your carpet. You can make some guesses, which are the worst ones? The ones that give you a real headache! Now let’s see if you made the right guesses.


Mornings cannot be survived without coffee, right? Especially Monday mornings! The day cannot even start without a mug of coffee. Who wouldn’t want to drink a good amount of caffeine in the morning to get energized for the day ahead. But the exact same coffee that is your best friend in the morning can be the worst enemy of your carpet if you accidentally spill it on your carpet! And those coffee stains can be a real head scratchier because they don’t go away easily.

Not to forget, it can start smelling really quickly and cause a bad atmosphere in your room instead of a pleasant one. And that becomes an unpleasant bad smell, for every morning!

Now we would definitely say that try not to spill the coffee by not filling the mug to the brim and trying to keep eyes open and focus on coffee so that you don’t spill coffee. Although accidents happen, the inevitable of this world! So what can you do about it? It’s easy, get professional carpet cleaning in Brighton. And do so immediately so that the stain doesn’t cause any irreversible damage.

Red wine

Red wine stains are the worst nightmares, right? One moment you are enjoying the amazing sip of your drink and the next moment- the stain is there and your mood is ruined! Well, no more! All you need to do is to get your carpet professionally cleaned immediately. Red wine stains are especially dreaded because they have been ruining carpets and mattresses and upholstery since as long as we can remember!

What’s more, red wine stains are not easy at all to get rid of. They can be real stubborn stains. But not impossible to remove if you have a professional cleaning service provider available with tested and effective cleaning agents and advanced equipment.

Try your best to avoid drinking red wine near your carpet but if the accident has already occurred, then take quick action rather than letting the stain get worse.


The classic player of the stains team! You just don’t know what to do because they puzzle you the most. Gums are sticky and get very easily stuck to the fabric of your carpet. And getting them off can sometimes seem impossible. And if the gum was colored because of some flavor, then it’s the worst stain!

Always keep a sharp eye on kids and people who eat gum and make sure they don’t drop it on or around the carpet. But if the accident has happened already then call professional help right away.

We emphasis more and more and advise you to get periodical professional carpet cleaning to maintain the quality and look of your carpet. We recommend the frequency of cleaning service to be very 12 months and 6 months if your carpet faces heavy foot traffic. Clean and fresh carpet will be safe and hygienic for you and your family and will also make you feel better with a clean and bright look of your carpet and pleasant freshness as well. Carpets that are regularly professionally cleaned also last longer and have better sustained quality.

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