10 Ways To Motivate Your Employees and Help Get Recognition

Motivate Employees
Motivate Employees

Nowadays, no matter what job you have or if you are in Australia or the UK, you are working in a highly competitive environment which can be quite draining for both employees and the owners. As there is constantly so much pressure on employees to perform well, they can lose motivation and get overstimulated. That is why you need to do your best to motivate your employees as well as show them recognition. 

Be Supportive and Respectful

As we all know, there is nothing that is more demotivating and discouraging than having bad and rude management. Something that every owner and manager need to have towards employees is honest, support, respect as well as clear communication. Those things are a foundation for creating a healthy environment for your employees to strive in. If you are a good person to work for, you will not only have your employees be more loyal but they won’t dread coming into work therefore they will be more motivated to work. 

Strive To Make Your Employees Happy

Having happy employees means having predictive and motivated employees. Little things such as encouraging them will make them motivated, more loyal and more productive in the long run. Create an environment where there are positive reinforcements and feedback is promoted and embraced. 

Give Them Enough Room to Grow

Something that every owner should do for their employees is allowing them room to grow, it is one of the biggest motivators. It will create an environment where they know they are trusted and respected. Try to give your employees as many chances to show you how they have improved and well as letting them know that there are options for promotions. 

Make Work a Pleasant Place To Be At

One of the biggest motivators is simply creating a positive and pleasant environment for your employees to be in. The best way to do so is to create such space is to make it aesthetically pleasing while still being functional. Even though you should still keep it looking like an office, it should be up to date, comfortable and nice looking. Incorporate different art pieces that will promote good feelings as well as adding some motivational quotes.

Offer Your Employee Rewards

Something that every business owner needs to know is that your employees will stay with you if they have a reason to. So, if you want to have motivated and loyal employees, you need to offer them rewards and signs of application. It can be anything from giving them a bonus, private healthcare or even gifting them flowers. One of the biggest ways you can show recognition is marking your employees’ birthdays and ordering flowers online to deliver them on those dates. It will make your employees feel appreciated. 

Boost Their Morale

Something that plays the biggest role in making your employees motivated is letting them know that their hard work is being recognised and that they are a valuable asset to your company. It can be something as simple as greeting them when they come to work, taking them as well as apologising if there has been a misunderstanding. Do your best to show that you respect and appreciate your employees. That will make them feel recognised as well as motivated to be better at what they are doing. Small gestures are trivial. But something to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t pick favourites and you need to show respect to every single employee. 

Offer Food At Your Workplace

Sometimes your employees will need snacks or drinks to stay motivated and on top of their work. Nobody likes to work when they are hungry and thirsty. Having those options will make the employees happy and appreciated. Even though you cannot have a full buffet at your office, having a couple of options for snacks and drinks is great. Another thing that is good to show recognition is rewarding your employees with lunch once in a while. It will not only motivate them it will make them feel appreciated. You will show that you care about your employees. 

Ask Them For Their Input

One of the best things you can do that will both help your company as well as make your employees feel more appreciated is asking them for their opinion. It doesn’t only have to revolve around the project they are working on. Sit down with your employees to talk about their value and what they think they can bring to the company to make it better. 

Make An Employee Recognition Wall

A really creative way to keep your employees motivated is to create a recognition wall where you will put up congratulatory messages and make every employee feel special and appreciated. When other people see that people are being recognised for doing a good job, they will want to be acknowledged, therefore they will be more motivated. It is one of the best ways to inspire those who are lacking without making them feel bad. 

Provide Them With Workplace Flexibility

Offering your employees flexibility is one of the biggest things you can do for them. Some people have kids, pets or health issues that they need to attend to, or they might not want to spend two hours driving to work that day. No matter what their reason is that day, allowing them to take that day and work from home or take a day off completely is of great benefit. Something that you will need to create is a flexibility policy so everyone has the same opportunity and there are no favourites or abusing that policy. 

There are so many different ways you can show recognition to your employees. Always keep in mind that motivating your employees isn’t just about giving them vacations, it is all about showing them that their hard work is appreciated and that they are valued. Motivating your employees will not only make them feel better and be more productive but it will also make your company stronger.

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