Manual & Smart Ways to Move NSF Files into Outlook

Summary – Many Lotus Notes customers desire to Move NSF Files into Outlook. If you want to do the same, you need to examine this weblog. Here, you’ll learn numerous facts about shipping strategies.

An Overview of NSF and PST

NSF documents are Lotus Notes files that Lotus Notes customers more often than not utilize to save data. On the opposite hand, PST files are used to store MS Outlook customers’ information. PST files are clean to use and can be encrypted with a password. This feature for PST files calls for customers to export NSF to PST format. However, numerous other contributing factors to this modification are noted below.

Reasons to Move NSF Files into Outlook –

  • MS Outlook costs less than Lotus Notes.
  • If you wish to utilize many accounts at the same time, you must use Outlook because Lotus Notes does not provide this feature.
  • When users need to access their data offline, they must utilize Outlook.
  • Data security is a fundamental issue for all users, and MS Outlook protects data protection and authenticity.
  • Lotus Notes features a sophisticated user interface that is unsuitable for inexperienced users. Outlook, on the other hand, is easily accessible to the majority of users.

There are several reasons for transferring NSF data to PST files. As a result, users must be aware of how to convert OST to PST.

How Do I Import Mail From Lotus Notes into Outlook?

You can move NSF Files into Outlook using two methods. The first method is a manual approach. It’s a free DIY technique. Another option is to use professional software like GainTools NSF to PST Converter. This is an automatic utility that converts NSF files to various file formats and email clients.

Manual Method to Move NSF Files into Outlook

If you want to use manual procedures, first import NSF files into CSV format, then transfer CSV files back into PST format. This method is time-consuming and needs a high level of technical understanding executing. You can follow the steps outlined below and accomplish your work on your own.

  • Open Lotus Notes on your machine.
  • Go to File and then launch the Lotus Notes application.
  • Now, open the NSF file you wish to convert to a PST file.
  • Select the Export option.
  • Set the name and location of the file. Choose CSV as the file format.
  • You will see some extra options here, which you can select based on your needs before clicking the Export button.
  • Navigate to MS Outlook > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  • Choose Import from another software or file and then click Next.
  • Select the CSV option in the Import box and then click Next.
  • Browse the CSV file and click Next.
  • Now, in Outlook, pick the folder where the CSV file will be stored.
  • Finally, press the finish button to complete the operation.

These methods will help you move your NSF data into Outlook. But this approach takes a long time to complete. Furthermore, this solution does not protect your data during manual data movement.

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Expert Method for Moving NSF Files into Outlook

The most effective method to convert NSF to PST is to use the GainTools NSF to PST converter. It is a third-party utility that allows users to convert NSF data to other file formats and email clients. The application has an easy-to-use interface and produces accurate results for its customers.


This article describes two possible methods for Move NSF Files into Outlook files. The manual approach is free but also complex. As a result, for trouble-free and precise outcomes, consumers should seek assistance from a professional solution. It is a more reliable operation than the manual method.

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