What are the Reasons that Instagram Will Overtake Facebook?

As we all know Instagram is one of the most prominent social-network portals for photo sharing where users can take pictures and make it more appealing by applying different filters and they can share them on plenty of social networks such as Reedit, Facebook, and Twitter etc. 

Past few years, we analysed the breakdown of Facebook and the growth of Instagram. Now Instagram claims that it has the most active users of all social platforms.  This could be possible in different two ways, maybe it could be facebook’s strategy to increase the popularity of Instagram or the reports about Facebook performance could be true. 

So, whatsoever the position would be, Instagram is and going to be more popular than Facebook in the coming few years and here are some important reasons behind it,

•    Better mobile experience 

       If you see mobile usage power then you will feel that Instagram scores better than Facebook. Instagram is entertaining more active users than Facebook because of its mobile-friendliness.  Access the features on mobile is easy and perfect.

•    Better stories

      So Facebook has its own stories, the edge between the News Feed and Facebook Stories is frustrating. Since, the Instagram Stories square measure impressed by Snapchat, it’s a higher program.

The quality of the video is marvellous on Instagram and offers higher user expertise.

•    Suitable for businesses

      If you are a businessman and looking or a better social platform, then Instagram is your best choice. Promoting a business at Facebook is very difficult than Instagram because Instagram just asks for an account creation then you can start to promote your business.  Facebook commerce’s success rate is now less than Instagram as well. Bulk Instagram Pva accounts can be the perfect helping hand for your business and personal requirements. Click here to know about Instagram Pva accounts.

•    Better for Branding

      I go searching for promoting situations, the continual changes to Facebook’s show formula for News Feed build it tough for firms to use it.

While Instagram changes square measure less difficult and tedious once accessed by brands and firms.

Brands too like to begin their cause on Instagram instead of on Facebook.

•    Video Chat 

      Facebook messenger is a recent day’s talk, currently,, the messaging options of Instagram became the talk of the city.

Although there are similarities between the chatting platforms of each platform, the difference goes to arrive once Instagram can bring video chat.

•    It Is Trending Up Among Young Americans

Lots of studies showed that among Americans ages 12 to 30, usage of facebook declined sharply from 2017 to 2018, with increases in Instagram usage. Due to this, I believe that Instagram will keep on to win over young social media users, who are of course the future core of any social network. 

•    Less Crowded.

             Instagram launched in 2012 while Facebook is old, Instagram’s users are more engaging and more interactive than Facebook. Facebook where shows unconventional political and unnecessary ads in news feed, Instagram does the opposite. Instagram planned to promote brands, share stories, and other features.


Instagram is performing well over Facebook in many ways as we have seen. There are some positive sides of Facebook too but if we keep into consideration today’s trend and needs, Instagram has the upper hand. This is also interesting, as it makes up Instagram stories as a fact, an extremely flexible repository of users’ real-time experiences. When it comes to choosing an important and valuable social platform for branding or personal use, Instagram has to turn into the most recent choice. So, Instagram vs Facebook, Winner is Instagram.

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