Why England can be the best place for the Muslim community in 2020

Muslim Community
Muslim Community

Why England can be the best place for the Muslim community in 2020

Islam is the second-largest religion in the vicinity of the United Kingdom with a total ratio of 4.4% all across the UK. Most of these Muslims came as a result of immigration in 1911 and decided to settle in the UK. That being said, just like other Muslims around the globe, Muslims of the UK celebrate various Islamic events also known as single Muslim events such as marriages, Eid-ul-fitur, Eid-ul-Adha, and Ramadan, to their fullest and following the teachings of their religion.

What kind of events are celebrated?


Marriages in Islam are covered under 2 events “Nikkah” and “Walima.” Both these events have immense importance and require delegate management as people nowadays like to have huge gatherings on such events and that gathering is served with the most delicious dishes and sweet dishes. Handling such events is never easy for a family alone so there are firms who are there to help you make your events of Nikkah and Walima easier and more cheerful.

Holy Festivals:

 Ramadan is the most beloved month for the Muslims and is considered to be the most blessed month by the Muslims. In this blessed month, Muslims spend their morning and evening while fasting. Though many Muslims in the UK like to break their fast in their homes some people like breaking there fast while dining outside? Such people can easily dine out using several food chains that are there present in different parts of the UK and are serving people without discriminating against anyone. Even most of these food chains deliver the food on the doorsteps so that it can be more convenient for the people (in our context Muslims) to break their fasts


Eid-ul-fitur which is also known as the “festival of breaking the fasts.” It comes right after the holy month of Ramadan. This day has unremarkable importance in a Muslim culture where people prefer getting ready in their new cultured dresses for Eid prayers. It’s a fact that the UK is not an Islam origin country but as mentioned earlier that Islam is the second most followed religion in the UK so several brands in the UK are offering cultured dresses. People use these brand services to get ready-made or stitched clothes for Eid especially to celebrate the single Muslim events.

Eid-ul-Adha which means “feast of the sacrifice” is an event in a Muslim culture where Muslims offer their sacrifices in the form of goats, sheep, cows, or camel and share it with their relatives and those who are less fortunate. As fun as it sounds that people are gathering on dinner and less fortunate are getting food in their mouths, it also requires hard work because managing those sacrificial animals is not an easy job and sacrificing them is a whole new task. During COVID people in England were more concerned with their health so most of these animals were handed over to the officials of the single Muslim events to sacrifice and the meet of the animals was handed back to the families. 

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