The 10 SEO mistakes in e-commerce to avoid

In all e-commerce businesses, SEO is very important. Many companies offer similar products or services. Some boxes promote via social networks, others use emailing, and some choose paid advertising. But which technique is the best?

All of these techniques are important and if you use them all, you will surely have a surge in your turnover. However, when we want to find something, most of us google it first. We always trust websites, which are on the first pages of search results. Through SEO audit, you can get your website analysis which in turn will help you in search results. However, in order to appear on the first page of Google or Yahoo, some owners apply poor SEO techniques. These errors are numerous; anyway, let’s take a look at the ten most common ones you should avoid.

Ignoring the keywords most used by your audience

In order to understand how to reach your customers, it’s important to know your audience’s research. Keyword research will help you in this case. You will never have a chance to target your audience if you don’t consider the terms most used by your target visitors. However, a well-developed keyword strategy will make your website visible to your customers and help increase your sales.

Spam your own content

Your content is one of the most powerful tools to increase your sales. Sometimes you “spoil” your content without realizing it. Yet your web content should be relevant and worth reading. When you use the right marketing strategies, you will never run into this problem. So, if you find it difficult to keep your content spam-safe, a bigcommerce development services will also help you create high quality content for optimization.

Do not optimize URLs

Most copywriters underestimate the location of URLs in a website. However, it is important to optimize them, because it gives information about the content and the target. URLs are great tools for increasing your rankings and making your website visible in search engines. They should be readable and include your target keywords (or queries).

Forget about internal links

To get the top position on Google, internal links play an important role. If you include internal links to your content, it helps your customers navigate your site more easily. They give a thorough understanding of the structure of your site. Using this strategy will definitely improve your seo. They also give your visitors related information, which they will try to find on other pages.

A slow website

The speed of a site matters a lot. Internet users don’t like sites that are too slow. If your site is taking a long time to load, you will not only be faced with the problem of losing visitors, but you will also rank on the tenth page in the search engines. Fortunately, one can easily find solutions to this.

Complex navigation on your site

The functionality and design of your e-commerce site can play an important role in your ranking on Google. You must create a site that is easy to use and understand since it is the first image of your business. It brings you potential customers, so it shouldn’t include confusing terms. In short, there should be a good balance between your SEO and the functionality of your site. It also allows Google to “understand” what your site is about.

Little attention to customer reviews

Customers value reviews. They have an influence on the behavior of the buyer. They can grow your business, but they can also hurt you.

A non-responsive site

Currently, smartphones are very popular. Therefore, it is important to have a mobile friendly site. This is called a responsive site. Moreover, Google penalizes sites that are not suitable for smartphones and tablets.

Ignore Google Analytics

This tool allows you to measure the level of your site. It gives you an idea of ​​ranking your business on the web. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can also analyze the interaction of your visitors on your e-commerce site. You monitor and learn not only your SEO strategies, but the user experience as well. In summary, the information given helps you improve your site.

In the event of an e-commerce site migration from Magento to Shopify for example, the amount of work to be done is indeed colossal! Among other things, we must ensure that the required functionalities are present, that the platform is reliable and robust and that the transition to the new platform is carefully prepared. Every trader understands that this represents significant costs to be incurred. Some of these expenses will be initial costs and others will be regular, ongoing costs that will need to be planned over a period of two or three years.

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