Winning Tips For Next-Gen Leaders

Winning Tips For Leaders

Businesses and organizations have come to realize that to keep pace with the 24×7 culture of the global market, they need dynamic, and go-getter leaders. These leaders are best groomed from within the company, as they are experienced with various aspects of the business, the nuances of the company culture and have possibly faced & participated in a crisis or two. They have prepared budgets, helped senior leaders with data, launched products, scheduled meetings, resolved some disputes, led small teams, communicated between the vendors and clients at various levels…etc…

Thus, organizations and companies are justified in opting to identify, mentor, and groom next-gen leaders from within the ranks.  It helps to instill confidence in the persons concerned about their vision & the company, their career-progression path, and future plans. Based on this, the candidates can be identified and finalized. Then the actual mentoring can begin – job-rotation, communications training, crisis-training, cross-functional expertise, review-feedback-appraisal, etc. 

But what can aspiring next-gen leaders do for themselves? How can they ensure that they are better equipped to be on that list? How can they be future-ready enough to be considered for a leadership role in the future? There are some basic answers to these and aspirants would do well to get themselves through with these: 

Identifying Potential Mentors: 

For most organizations and businesses, there are senior managers & functional leaders who are communicative and proactive in their work. For aspiring next-gen leaders, these people make excellent mentors to learn the ropes quickly and also get feedback on how they could do better. These leaders step up to the plate and deliver, taking control when required – unafraid of shouldering responsibilities.

And this is the 1st lesson learned well – if aspiring leaders show a willingness to learn and show responsibilities, they are well on their way. Mentors will guide, give the correct advice, and show the way forward – with their own judgment. Aspiring managers should take their time in identifying the proper mentor – because the sheer impact a mentor has on their career is immense & will shape their career-graph further. 

Gaining cross-functional Expertise:  

In most leaders, one will find a person who can think in specifics and in generalities as well. The reason for this is not hard to guess. They have been through practically every business function & situation that can be, in the company. Thus for aspiring leaders, one of the best ways to gain in-depth expertise and a broader perspective is to get experienced across different roles & functions in the company.

Going beyond one’s comfort zones will have these aspiring leaders striving to cope, learning new things, applying those new learnings, and relating with people. This was visible in the way how a compliance business went in for opening a partners portal that offers Instamojo coupon to muscle up a small business.

This multi-functional cross-training will give a deeper sense of how the business functions and help to develop exposure & experience that will stand in good stead in the future. Working across functions in a real-time scenario is the best way to learn quickly. It is crucial to discuss at every stage with the mentor and learn from feedback. 

Focusing on soft skills as well: 

As the next-gen leaders focus on gaining deeper knowledge and business skills, they must equip themselves with whatever qualifications which may be required as a criteria. These aspiring leaders will undoubtedly not succeed every time – they may have setbacks and failures too. It is important that they build a resilient, open and strong mindset as well, improving their confidence to deal with larger issues at hand.

As the roles in business expand, soft skills become important – hence they should also focus on their communication skills, negotiation skills,  coping with failure, team dynamics, conflict resolution, interacting with senior colleagues, etc…These soft skills equip the aspiring leaders further as a well-rounded professional. It is crucial to note that soft skills are as important as other skills. Proper feedback, training and monitoring progress helps. 


Seniority in organizations definitely counts – but never discount & under-estimate eagerness to learn and grow. Subtly, express your willingness to work hard, learn, and grow. Choosing the right mentor who will help to shape your training & learning is crucial. It is crucial in the new normal for organizations & businesses to search & identify next-gen leaders. Show your desire to assume responsibilities, go out of your comfort zone, and work hard – the chances are you will end up on the CEO’s next-gen list!!

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