5 Deck Upgrades for Cozy Outdoor Living

Deck Upgrades

Having a proper deck in your backyard is a luxury that can drastically increase the value of your property. It can also create a perfect area for spending time outdoor, suitable for even some of the most luxurious and elegant outdoor furniture. The problem, however, lies in the fact that some homeowners see a deck as merely an asset when, in reality, it can be much, much more. When properly upgraded with some carefully selected home improvement projects, your deck can provide you with a spa-like experience. With that in mind and without further ado, here are four such projects.

Add a fence

Building a fence around a deck is a great upgrade that has numerous advantages. First of all, it increases the privacy of your deck area. Second, if your deck is elevated (which it probably is), it adds more safety to the overall area. It will stop anyone from tripping and falling. Remember, injuries can occur even when falling from a smaller height. Another advantage of building a fence is the fact that you can add railing-mounted deck planters alongside it. This will allow you to make the entire area greener and more elegant. One of the ways to do so is to use old wooden pallets as an eco-friendly solution.

Covering a deck

deck shade

Building a pergola above your deck is something that sounds like a good idea until you calculate the costs of the project. While a great idea aesthetically, if you’re interested in something more frugal, you might be better off with a shade sail on a pole. For those who want a compromise, an elegant retractable shade sail might be just what you’re looking for. This way, you get a combination of functionality, cost and aesthetics. It is a single deck upgrade that will create the biggest possible difference.

A roof under the deck

A lot of people worry about how they can put a roof over a deck; however, you can also use a deck as a roof. A small terrace in your backyard is an interesting concept. Seeing as how it places you at a higher level than the majority of prying eyes, you get more privacy. You also get a better view of the surrounding area. Bellow, you can create a seating area that will be usable even during the colder part of the year. In fact, you can make a deck both below and under. This way, you get two outdoor areas instead of one. 

Install some lighting

deck lighting

Previously, we’ve made some suggestions on how you can spend quality time on your deck during winter and during extreme heat but what about the evening hours? Is there a way to optimize your deck so that you make spending time outside during the evening hours more pleasant? Sure, a lighting fixture on a coffee table partially solves the issue, however, what if your deck is a bit bigger and you want to provide a lighting source for every corner. Here, you might want to install some lights (preferably on the railing). This way, you will cover the majority of the area and, if you opt for LED, do so in an energy-efficient fashion.

Move the stairs

The current position of your stairs might be suboptimal. How does this happen? Well, when constructing a deck, you might have had some ideas on the foot traffic movement pathways across the deck but once you start actually using it, things might take a different turn. You might realize that your previous plan was suboptimal. For a lot of people, this would be the end of it, however, you always have the option of moving the stairs. While this may seem inconsequential, it may drastically change the way you use your deck.

In conclusion

The last thing you need to keep in mind is the importance of maintenance. A wooden deck requires more attention than a concrete or stone patio. In exchange, it provides more value. When properly tended to and furnished, it can add a whole new dimension to this general area. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that some of these upgrades might be quite costly. Whether or not they’re worth it depends on your own intentions for the area.

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