5 Easy to Read Best Books for Beginner Readers

Easy to Read Best Books

Books prove to be the best escapade, don’t believe us, give yourself a try and pick a book and let’s see how it unfolds the mysteries of the world, how it unveils the secrets of the universe, how it becomes the part of you. When it comes to the world of books, there are no boundaries, possibly because they tend to live the meaning of infinite, as far as you can go, your book is going to be there with you.  But keeping our choices restricted for beginners, we have shortlisted 5 best books for beginning readers. So let’s start the never turning back journey of these exciting books.

Best Books for Beginning Readers

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Best Books for Beginning Readers

You probably have read about the short story in your course books or even stumble upon its story from your granny, how exciting is it to read the one which gives you a whole new perspective of children literature and probably make you all nostalgic. This being one of the best books for beginning readers revolves around the girl named Alice (oh what an observation) when she saw a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat and started following it (imagine if she got scared and didn’t follow it up, there will be no story at all).

The next moment she fell into a hole. There she met these creatures which are different and the new perspective she gets for the whole life. So if you are a new reader it is one of the easy books to read. Add the whole flair of the wildest imagination of the child and playful spirit of an easy reading with Alice’s adventure in Wonderland.

The Great Gatsby

Best Books for Beginning Readers

The story revolves around the “Richie Rich” Jay Gatsby who is quite mysterious in his ways. It is narrated by Nick Caraway who finds Jay a total “mystique” as he is famed for his super lavish parties, but never attends it “so atypical of Jay or let’s just say that’s what nick discover”. As the plot unfolds, you find that Nick has a cousin named Daisy who was the former love of Gatsby when he wasn’t financially sound.

Jay fell in love with Daisy who was like any other typical rich girl and becoming “super rich” was all associated with getting his true love. The lavish parties were all planned to associate with her more and be a part of her world (that’s a super smart move). But as the story unveils, you may find the Gatsby’s love more of an “obsession” to make daisy fall for him. But the question is will he succeed in that? Is it an obsession or just another form of intense love? Will he be able to get the retaliation for his love?

Quite an interesting plot for people beginning to read books!!!

To kill a mockingbird

Best Books for Beginning Readers

Image : chiefessays

The term reminds most of the people of the famous song “Mockingbird” by none other than “king of Rap”, Eminem but coming out of the magic he created, we are talking about the book “to kill a mocking” by Harper Lee which is one of the best books for beginning readers.

The concept of the book is quite serious and addresses issues like racial inequality and brutality of a rape but with the perspective of two little kids Jean Finch and her brother Jeremy; the former is younger and the latter, the older. Both the children live with their father Atticus, who is a lawyer by profession.

Atticus was appointed to fight the case of a black man who is claimed to be found guilty of raping a white woman. The topic is quite sensitive and hence the whole town turn their backs towards Atticus but he still is determinant to fight the case. The story portrays well the power of humanity and courage apart from being depicting the sad and realistic facets of racial inequality. This book is a perfect portrayal of “don’t judge a book by its cover”, likewise don’t judge a human based on his or her communal background. We should perceive as they evolve as a human not someone from a particular race or religion.

The little prince

Best Books for Beginning Readers

Forming the influence of the famous movie by the same name, the little prince is the one of the best books for beginning readers. The plot unfolds when the plane of the narrator out of nowhere crashed in the Sahara desert leaving him with a few resources that can’t fit for his survival. The plot takes a tweak when a little prince asked the narrator to draw a sheep for him.

The two become quite close and the book unfolds the interesting chronicles of their friendship, the origin of the little prince, which is one good thing to read. The absolute fiction of prince’s origin and its mystery is worthwhile to spend a sunny afternoon turning the pages around with a sip of cold coffee.

The Catcher in the Rye

Best Books for Beginning Readers

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This one of the best books for beginning readers was primarily quite popular in adults but with the passage of time, it is one “cool books to read” among teenagers or let’s just put in simple terms the Rebellious ones. The story revolves around Holden Caulfield who depicts the ideal PROTAGONIST. He was expelled from school owing to his poor grades (rebels are surely drooling all over Holden by now) which puts him at the edge of confusion and poor guy is all about not telling the same about his cavalry to his parents.

The complicated journey or transformation from a playful child to responsible adulthood is well portrayed in the character of Holden. Like any other normal teenager, he finds everything “extravagantly” important and tough (we do understand the phase) and plan for eloping to be a hermit (only if we can do it). However, did he actually manifest all he is planning? You have to read the book for that and we assure you can totally relate it with it as the plot starts unfolding itself.

The book has been proved as the interesting Jumping-off point to start the journey of “beginning to read books”.

As the George R.R, Martin states, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…the man who never reads live only one”. So are you all set to live all those thousand lives, but let’s just one with a book.

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