5 Top Rated Attractions to Explore in Edmonton

Attractions to Explore in Edmonton
Attractions to Explore in Edmonton

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and a paradise for tourists, stretching up to the North Saskatchewan River in the center of the province. The city has invested in art and culture by bringing the best theaters and museums, attracting millions of travelers every year. The ideal time to visit the city is from June to August when the weather is pleasant, and many events or celebrations are going on there. 

The city’s major highlights include the West Edmonton Mall, one of the world’s largest leisure and shopping centers. Even in the cold temperatures here, it is minus 15 degrees Celsius, and it is the perfect time for shopping enthusiasts to explore the unique shopping stores across the town. 

Plan a memorable trip and explore the five top-rated attractions to explore in Edmonton

Royal Alberta Museum

The Royal Alberta Museum had now shifted to a new location in 2018, and today, it is considered one of the largest and notable museums of Western Canada. The site is home to a vibrant mix of permanent cultural and natural history exhibitions and is famous for changing its installations. Travelers can see the remnants of many fossils from the age of dinosaur and ice age period, a massive aquarium full of tropical fishes and little insects, including exotic and enormous species. 

In addition, there is a large art gallery exhibiting artifacts belonging to Canada and other parts of the world. For kids, the site features a huge kid’s gallery and a large bug room along with invertebrates and a nursery. The cultural or historical heritage of the museum is extremely rich and impressive, that it attracts thousands or lakhs of visitors every year. After taking the full guided tour of the museum, you can stop at nearby cafes or gift shops and explore the place fully. 

Elk Island National Park and Beaver Hills

The Elk Island National Park is just a few miles away from Edmonton, and it takes a 30-minute drive to commute to the place. The park covers a wooden area surrounded by beautiful lakes, wetlands and is home to all types of wildlife species, including beaver, elk, deer, and moose. The main highlight of the national park is the giant herd of buffalo or bison seen grazing throughout the day. If you are visiting by car, you can stop or slow down the speed to spot the beast of the park and enjoy the encounter. 

Some of the fun and thrilling activities to do in the park include hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, and kayaking. While in winters, travelers can relish a unique experience of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. The Beaver Hills region has now been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, including a dark sky preserve, a beautiful bird sanctuary, and a wilderness center. 

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall is one of the largest shopping centers and a major tourist attraction in Canada, worth visiting and deserves the real hype. There are hundreds of shops and fancy restaurants in the mall, a hotel, an ice rink, an aquarium, movie theaters, etc. The themed sections of the mall are designed to give an impression of the world’s best and famous vacation destinations. 

Some of the shops in Europa Boulevard are built in a European style and carry the names of prominent international fashion designers. There is a Bourbon Street within the state, the replica of the street in New Orleans, famous for its yummy food and live music. Moreover, there is a Galaxyland in the mall, regarded as the world’s largest covered theme and indoor amusement park. So, make Delta Airlines Español and explore the best tourist hotspots in the country along with your travel gang. 

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village 

The Ukrainian cultural heritage village was built in 1970 along the Yellowhead Highway. It represented the rich cultural inheritance of several immigrants from Ukraine and Bukovina who once lived in Alberta during the 1890s. The site was locally known as ‘the village’ and featured several historical buildings reconstructed on the site and the beautiful church visible even from a distance. 

History lovers will get plenty of opportunities to explore and learn about the important events dating back to the old times. While taking a tour of the site, you can also discover the market and a vintage general store. Moreover, you can’t miss the chance to talk to the costumed guides. Suppose you have enough time left in a day. In that case, you can be a part of the interactive workshops and special events like the cooking sessions or a commemoration of the national day of Ukraine, happening throughout the year. 

Alberta Legislature Building 

The Alberta Legislature Building was first established in 1913, and since then, it has become one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Edmonton. The classic architecture and overall outlook of the notable structure look attractive and fascinating that it attracts people even from a distance. The terrace area of the building offers jaw-dropping views of the North Saskatchewan River to the faraway places within the city. Guided tours are also available for travelers, and it is probably the best way to explore the site in the best possible manner. 

The main highlight of the site is spending quality time strolling around the nearby grounds surrounding the impressive building. While you are here, make sure to pay a visit to the Legislative Assembly Visitor Centre, featuring amazing works of local art, culture, and rich history. In addition, there is a unique 4D thing giving an impression of the province’s visual art and history and amazing gift shops selling the best arts and crafts material. Make an United Airlines Telefono and pack your bags to unleash the treasure, thrill, and adventure.  

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