7 Tips to Designing the Bespoke Suit

Designing the Bespoke Suit
Designing the Bespoke Suit

Getting a new bespoke suit is more than a suit. It’s a way of looking outstanding in a crowd. Bespoke suits give you a different look that every man has experienced at some point in their life. 

Bespoke suits

The best quality, prior comfort, and proper fitting are what bespoke suits are known for. What fabric you choose depends on you to make it more reliable. Bespoke suits tailor meaning to provide its customers with the satisfaction for every suit they build. The only motive is to make you happy with the stuff you are wearing. 

Investing in a bespoke suit means you are making a long-term expense.

7 Tips to designing the bespoke suit

While you are deciding to get a bespoke suit for yourself, you first need to consider the following factors in your mind:

1 Get an expert bespoke tailor:

If you have made your mind to get a bespoke tailor, then it’s more suitable to get a bespoke tailor. Instead of giving your suit to any tailor, it’s necessary to find out that he’s an expert in his work.

You can ask your tailor for some other samples that they have so that you can assure their work. Before assigning your suit, it’s safer to go on a reputable tailor that is well-known for its work in your location. The more experienced person will get you more precise results.

2 Choose a good fabric:

The actual grace of the suit comes from the fabric you chose for your bespoke suit. Quality matters a lot, and better quality will cost you more. Do not fall for the price, it’s not necessary that in every case, the better quality fabric will cost you more. You can pick the fabric according to the season. Before buying make sure that the material will not lost its grace even after washing or Stichting. Well, you can first ask the tailor for the material as they knew it better. A better quality fabric will enhance your personality. 

3 Pick a classy color:

Do not pick a color that is too bright or light so that you can wear your suit for more occasions. Choose a color that goes accordingly with your skin color. Go for a neutral color such as grey or blue, bottle green as they are versatile colors. These colors get matched with other combinations too.

Along with your suit color, you can also pick the shoe or belt of the same color. No matter what color you choose, it should go well with your occasion theme and your individuality. A color refines your positive attitude and makes you feel more confident. 

4 Instruct your tailor:

Properly give instructions to your tailor for your requirements. You must specify that you need certain buttons, vent options, collar, and pocket style in your suit. Tell them that you need a trouser with internal or external buttons, extra straps, belt loops, cuffs and, pleats. In short, you must show them what type of final result you want. There can be cases, tailor-made changes on their own, and you may need to make some extra changes in it. Ultimately, it will waste your time, so it’s better to give them instructions at first. 

5 Get familiar with your tailor’s style:

You might be familiar with the fact well that bespoke tailors can design any style of garment that you tells them. They are master in their work and knows it well what will suit your body the most. It’s not like every time only you will give your suggestions, you can ask for their ideas too. By determining your body posture, they will tell you what type or kind of style will suit your personality.  

6 The Perfect Fit:

Once everything comes with a result. Do not forget to try your suit and check the fitting. A proper fitting bespoke suit will give your body a perfect fit, just like a glove. An ill-fitting suit will never make you feel confident. If your suit is too loose or too tight, you can ask for the required changes. Walk a little so that you can comfortably sit, stand or walk in your suit.

The suit should not be too tight that you cannot make moments easily. The tailored-made suits do not require to alter it before it fits you perfectly that’s the real beauty of it. It can be frustrating for anyone to make fittings again and again for the same cloth. 

7 A suit just for you:

No one can match each other personality, as everyone has a different body shape and size. Like some have broad shoulders, 

and some have long arms. While you want to design a bespoke suit, it gives you many options to create a suit according to your requirements. An outfit designed only for you with your commands. Ensure that your measurements will not get mixed with some other outlines. 


We hope that these seven tips may help you in considering the factors while getting a bespoke suit. Always know the final output of your costume that you have designed in your mind. That’s why it’s important to tell your tailor before that this is what you want. To look confident and different among people, you will need a style that gets designed with accuracy. Also, it’s in the tailor’s hands that what result they came out at last. 

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