How to Manually Export Outlook Express to Outlook? – Complete Solution

Manually Export Outlook Express to Outlook
Manually Export Outlook Express to Outlook

“During the program upgrade from Outlook Express 5.x to Outlook Express 6.x, my Outlook Express email was damaged. I’m now using the Microsoft Outlook 2016 version. Outlook 2016, on the other hand, will not import an Outlook Express file. Is there a dependable program software that would export Outlook Express to Outlook 2016 emails in Windows 8.1 Pro?”

When it comes to the Microsoft XP edition, we use Microsoft Express as our default email client. Simply said, the data items that come with mailbox data, including as messages, calendars, tasks, and address books, are saved in a file called DBX. Since the advent of Windows Vista, which has a default email client called Windows Mail, the service has been discontinued.

Manually Converting DBX to PST – Free Trick

  1.  In the Windows XP operating system, look for the Outlook Express folder.
  2. Copy the MS Express folder to the current version you’re using.
  3. After installing Windows Essentials, open Windows Live Mail, go to the File menu, and select Import Messages from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the file format you want to import.
  5. Go to Outlook Express 6 >> Next >> Tab.
  6. Select Browse and paste the copied address from Windows XP Express.
  7. To import the files, click the next button, then tab all folders or selected folder.
  8. Select the next option.
  9. Select e-mail messages from the file menu, then click export email.
  10. Now, for the export format, choose Microsoft Exchange. Then press the Next button.
  11. Select an existing Outlook profile or create a new one. Then pick the OK button. This is my earlier profile.
  12. From Windows Live Mail, select the mail folders you want to export and click the OK button.

After you’ve configured the exported files, you’ll see a pop-up notification stating that your message was successfully imported. To complete the process, click the finish button.

Because the manual way to export Outlook Express to Outlook, described above takes too long and requires a lot of patience. So, before you go ahead and do it, think about it. Be prepared for the ramifications as well.


  • Procedure that takes a long time.
  • There is a significant chance of email data loss.
  • Manually converting DBX to PST necessitates technical knowledge.
  • There is no guarantee that the conversion will be accurate.

Converting a DBX File to PST Format in a Professional manner.

If the following manual procedures do not satisfy you. Because they are not providing you with satisfactory outcomes. Then you should use a tool that can simply export Outlook Express to Outlook PST file. As a result, I recommend that you download and utilise Tool4Mail DBX Converter program, which is a simple and effective approach to convert DBX files to PST format. In 2001, Microsoft released Outlook Express 6.x (Support DBX Format) and later decided to discontinue both Outlook Express and Outlook 2002. (Support PST Format).

Many users desire to upgrade from Outlook Express to Outlook versions and convert DBX to PST format after the year 2001, but they can’t find the correct solution. You may quickly convert DBX to PST format, which is the newer Outlook file format, with this program.

Why should you only use a DBX to PST converter?

This tool has outstanding features that make the conversion process simple and quick. It provides customers with a number of advanced options that help them save time and energy.

  1. During the conversion process, the tool keeps email attributes and attachment formatting.
  2. The DBX to PST converter is fully secure and simple to use. It is simple and easy to use, even for inexperienced users.
  3. The user can use this software to convert Outlook Express (dbx) files to Outlook 2007 (pst) files, as well as DBX to PST Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, and so on.
  4. The product’s technical support team is quite active and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. The user can convert a single or numerous DBX files to PST without encountering any issues.
  6. The tool is a stand-alone application that does not require any additional installation to perform the conversion.

DBX to PST Converter’s Outstanding Features

  • Allows you to convert DBX files to a variety of file formats.
  • Support for the Outlook Express to Outlook migration procedure.
  • Convert a large DBX file to an Outlook PST file.
  • Non-technical users will like the user-friendly UI.
  • Keep track of important pieces and metadata.
  • Maintain the hierarchy of folders and subfolders.


If you want to avoid manually converting DBX to PST and execute the operation easily, accurately, and quickly, I recommend SysTools DBX to PST Converter. This program allows you to convert DBX files to PST files easily.

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