8 Corporate Fundraising Event Ideas To Support Charities

Corporate Fundraising Event Ideas

Corporate fundraising events are done to help charities. The goal is to raise money, but there are different ways to achieve their target money.

It depends on the charity but the money raised in a fundraising event goes to maintain shelter, food, and other basic needs of people.

Corporations spend their time supporting charities because it gives them the edge, and it’s also rewarding for them to help people in need. In addition, partnerships between a corporation and charity are also helpful for both parties because it gives them good publicity.

However, both the corporation and charity should assess if their needs are matched before they hold an event. If you want to know what events are ideal for a fundraising activity, check the list below!

1. Fun run

A fun run is one of the classic fundraising events. Usually, if there’s enough track, participants can choose between a 3K, 5K, and 10K run. You just have to state the cause of the fundraising event. You can tap schools and communities to participate.

If you’ve decided to hold a fun run, you can arrange bundled tickets so that you won’t have to sell them individually. It’ll also help you earn more upon registration. In addition, you can add some booths on the side that sell food or souvenirs to gain more money.

Prior to the fun run, you can assign event planners from the corporation. They can also look for volunteers from the charity. It’s better than hiring professionals because it’ll cost less, but if you have a budget, then it’s okay to hire event planners.

2. Art show

Another classic fundraising event is an art show. Aside from raising money, it’ll help local artists to promote their talents.

During the art show, aside from having the art display, you can ask artists if they can paint or draw live. You can also ask them if they want to donate artworks, and the money will go to charity.

3. Auction

Auction is another great idea for fundraising. There are a lot of different kinds of auctioning you can do. You can feature vintage items, dates with well-known people, and jewelry.

Another thing you should decide is if you’ll have silent, online, or live auctions.

The traditional is the live auction where you can actually see the item or person being auctioned in front of you. The second popular type is the silent auction where the bidding happens on a piece of paper. The person interested in the item signs their name and bid. Lastly, the online auction where everything is done on a virtual conference call.

Corporate Fundraising Event Ideas

4. Fashion show

Do you know a lot about fashion? Then a fashion show is the right one for you. For corporations related to fashion and lifestyle, it’s easier to feature clothes to raise money. The event planners and coordinators can easily identify the right things to do.

You can also meet a lot of designers who are generous enough to donate some of their famous works. In addition, you don’t need to spend a lot of money hiring models. You can ask for interns or volunteers to do it for the charity.

Earn money by selling fashion pieces, and reward the artists with a token like trophies and medals.

5. Tournament of any sport

A lot of people are into sports and fitness so it’s never a bad idea to organise a fundraising tournament. You’ll just have to identify what sports are played in the community.

You can have a look around if there are any golf courses, basketball courts, or tennis courts. From there, you can decide what competition will help you raise money.

Of course, you’ll earn money through registration and payment from the audience. However, you can show your appreciation to the players by giving them medals and trophies.

6. Casino night

Know a lot of people interested in casinos? Then, you can now start planning! If you have the option to make the event look more expensive, then do so. You can require formal attire, and

When you plan the ticket prices, you can set various choices so that the participants have opinions. Have tickets for those who are just interested to play, for those who want to play and have dinner, and those who want to avail all available services.

Corporate Fundraising Event Ideas

7. Online video-making contest

Nowadays, there’s no doubt that video making is becoming popular. From Youtube to Tiktok, you can find a lot of creative individuals who will be interested in making short films. That’s why hosting a local film-making contest will also work.

You can set event planners who will take charge of arranging the criteria of the entire contest. As for the judges, you can ask professional filmmakers to make the final decisions to be fair.

To earn money, you can have monetary votes and registration fees. But when it comes to the prices, you should be up-front that it’ll be for charity. However, you can still award the winners with tokens and trophies.

8. Raffle

The most popular kind of raffle, when charities are being considered, is the 50-50. The raffle will be just like any other raffle but the winner will get half of the price while the other half goes to the charity you’re supporting.

You can sell online tickets to lessen the printing cost. Moreover, you can also hold the actual event online. You just need to make more advertisements so that people won’t think that you’re a scam.

The more tickets you sell, the higher the amount of money you’ll raise. Think of it as the best way to raise funds that will help the charity you support.

Do you know any other fundraising activities that corporations can organise to help charities? Share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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