Top Advantages of Using Podcasts in Education

Using Podcasts in Education
Using Podcasts in Education

Brand new technology has many advantages to education, and Podcasting is not something different as it also has a great benefit to education. Many schools and institutions are leaving textbooks, worksheets and investing money in improves technology for teaching and learning. Podcasts is one of the latest ways to come out into the orthodox, is one of the leading technologies in the development.

We are learning more about how podcasts help education and how it is increasing availability and confidence engagement.

Podcasts in educatrion

The podcasts allow the lectures to transmit the involvement of audio content easily, which the students can listen to and can understand anytime, and from anywhere they are. The requirements are that the student needs to subscribe to a podcast feed, and as a tutor, you can push educational content to them instantly, rather than waiting for them to come. For improving learning and teaching practice, Podcasts are in demand in schools and universities.   

Many schools and universities that have to subsume Podcasting in their learning or education system think that podcasts give them positive outcomes. It can be a credit to the advantage and usage of podcasts and the different ways in which podcasts in education improve the students’ learning experience. There are many benefits of using Podcasts, and they are:     

Flexible access 24/7

The most significant advantage of podcasts is that they are portable and convenient, like assignment writing service. They are easy to download from any device, even the androids, it enables the student to have access to the learning resources from anywhere and at any time, with little effort.

The subscription for podcast applications is readily available in almost all smartphones and iPhones; in the Iphones the application is public by default.

Once the student subscribes to the Podcast, they do not have to start with the downloading; the lecture is sent automatically to their application whenever a new chapter is accessible. As soon as the student is heading for the institution, there is a teaching scheme waiting for them. These possibilities make podcasts suitable and lead the way to a flexible education.    

The students listen more than watching the lectures.

The most extraordinary power of Podcasting is that it attracts more attention. It is challenging to motivate students to focus on 30 minutes of reading or watching a lecture. The reason is the test, and the videos require the total concentration of each student, they must sit patiently to listen and understand the lessons, it can be difficult because of the distraction surrounding the students and the other tabs in the computer or any device.

Usage of Podcast in spare time or while doing a routine task

Students tend to listen and catch more information in their brain while travelling in a bus, car, washing dishes and exercising in a gym. It is because they are already distracted towards something, so they work while listening. On the other hand, text and videos can grab the attention for just two to three minutes. The podcasts run for more than an hour.

Student can create their content

The most interesting and worthy uses of podcasts in learning are the concept of the content that student creat on their own. As a tutor, you can allow the student to make their Podcast, and they can include questions, presentations, discussions and projects related to the subject. Then the teacher can make that content available for the whole class. It lets the students grasp an aspect of their education; also, it motivates them the engagement in the lecture. The students can ask the questions, contribute to the concepts and polish their ideas by sharing it with other classmates.  

Lecture analysis

The most straightforward usage of podcasts is that you can easily record your lectures. Then the students can hear it anytime, and it enables access for them and creat critical education aids. Students can utilize the podcasts for references, or they can use it while preparing themselves for the examination and tests.

Rather than providing students with one hour video, you can give them podcasts to hear it, again and again, to understand better and proper. It is more useful for students with international backgrounds or the ones who have learning issues. All the students can open the Podcast and hear the lecture while doing the home chores or while laying on the couch in their free time.  

Lost classes are easy to retrieve

Missing classes can have any reason; it is not always a lazy student who misses classes. Any student who misses the course can easily download a podcast and recover the missed lectures. This way, the teacher and the student will not have to so double effort.

Stability of student’s experience

Recording lectures can assist teachers in making sure that they cover every given topic in the syllabus in an acceptable way. It is very useful when the tutor explains various sessions of similar classes. It assists the tutor to make sure that each student in the class obtains the same experience as all the others and that the entire syllabus is covered accordingly.

Advantages for the mental and perceptible disabilities

The hearing option in Podcast education has the most significant pedagogic feature. In today’s world, the new generation enjoys listening more than reading. The podcasts help a lot in this matter, with changing time, podcasts improve the concentration of the students more. It encourages students who do not like reading or lacks reading skills.  

Many students struggle with grasping concepts in class or are shy enough not to ask the question while the lectures and remains dull in studies. In these cases, the podcasts help to improve such issues

Usage of Podcast in education is now in demand because of the benefits it is giving about teaching and learning. It only encourages students, but it also lets teachers teach without extra effort.

Every school and universities should start podcast education to enhance studies and help students progress better.

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