Agritourism Emerging As A Sustainable And Trending Concept of Tourism


Agritourism is extremely getting favored among hodophiles and vagabonds. Even in the era of industrialization and growing urbanization, many of the people out there like spending time on a farm. A huge number of people still find an innate connection with farming and its techniques. This is possibly a paramount reason that has brought in the concept of agritourism.

As the name describes, agritourism is tourism that centers on the activities and people associated with farming such as farm visiting, understanding concepts based on plants and animals, and participating in agricultural activities. Moreover, agritourism is more of an experience getting popularity for both educational as well as entertaining purposes. 

Concept ot Agritourism

This concept has added unique values to travelers along with putting up the progress of the agricultural economy of the rural areas. However, the concept is not as simple as it looks like. Agritourism can be divided into multiple parts with every part having its own benefits and pleasures. The foremost fragment of this tourism is the direct-market.

This favors those who enjoy authentic flavors and fresh farm products. This direct trade benefits both the travelers as well as farm owners. Where on one hand, the farmer gets an increase in the income, on the other hand, fresh and organic vegetable gets delivered in the traveler’s basket.

Knowledge and Education

Followed by this, another sub-segment intends to offer the travelers a huge mass of knowledge and a bunch of experience regarding agriculture, traditional farming, and other procedures required for the distribution of the agricultural products. It’s not just enough, as the experience and education agritourism also contributes to promoting the awareness of healthy food consumption and environmental conservation. Travelers here also get knowledge on how to grow and treat livestock. 

The third and last segment probably is more interesting and makes agritourism more of a fascination. Event and recreation agritourism works as a refresh button. This experience is more preferential for the agrotourism market share. It offers travelers an opportunity to participate in fishing, visit fruit orchards or berry picking, enjoy harvest festivals of major farms in different countries.

Trend of organic and fresh farm food

Since the awareness regarding agritourism is majorly increasing, people are highly getting involved to experience the core of agriculture and rural areas. At the same time, the trend of organic and fresh farm food is another reason attracting the tourists towards this. However, there are certain major elements that are must to be ensured by agritourism such as the activities to raise farm income and attract travelers more and more. 

Apart from the enthralling facts about agritourism, this cannot be assured that every farmer would enjoy having this opportunity. And therefore, it completely depends on farmer to farmer. However, one cannot deny, at the same time, that the idea of sharing the farm with communal is associated with substantial benefits. Agritourism not only benefits the farmers and travelers but also paybacks to the local community. And, the following article presents a few fine facts of how agritourism can be beneficial for different classes. 

How agritourism benefits the farmers-

Agritourism is a way that provides numerous opportunities to the farmers to escalate their earnings. With this, the farmer not just transforms into a price-maker but also gains multiple streams to generate income. For a fact, for those with the know-how, agritourism has been a profitable approach to make a profit. It also enables new jobs for other family members. 

What adds up to the benefits is seasonal flexibility. Agritourism assists even during the crops’ growing season, and sometimes also manages to pay for the rest of the year. Concurrently, the farmers also get a way for clearance of old products, thereby facilitating the tourists to bring home some organic food. Good interaction and contact with the consumer would also lead the farmers to build a good consumer base. Moreover, agritourism effectively helps to promote the farmer-consumer relationship.

How general public and local community reap its advantage-

The most primary concern while buying food is transparency. Every passing day brings about a number of cases based on food adulteration. For that matter, agritourism provides complete transparency regarding farm products. At the same time, it assists the educational institutions and schools with a chance to provide real-world educational opportunities to the students.

Over and above that, agritourism is a perfect concept for family-friendly outings. An agriculture-based day out or a small vacation lets the family enjoy the interaction with crops, animals, and most importantly Nature.

For the local community, agritourism works as a policy to improve relationships with farmers and vice versa. It further leads to promote small communities. And last but not the least, agritourism creates a robust platform to elevate the sales of local products and services.

The hard and busy lifestyle has led the people to look for such healing and pleasuring experiences. People are gradually looking for advanced and innovative customs of entertainment and peace in their life. Agritourism has unfurled one such way for people who favors experiencing a rural lifestyle, green environment, and farm activities. On top of it, the ethnicity and authentic atmosphere in village areas bring out the peace along with a touch of nature further attracts the tourists. 

Recognition among the farmer community

Other than the tourists, agritourism is achieving recognition among the farmer community as well. The numerous advantages of this concept have offered the farmers better sustainability. With this, agritourism shows enormous potential to elevate the farming business. Furthermore, the views of the facts exhibit that the industry is all set to flourish globally. According to a report published by Allied Market Research, the global agritourism market is expected to garner $62.98 billion by 2027.

Agritourism has been an unexplored concept earlier. However, with time, it has significantly gained acknowledgment among various classes. Furthermore, various factors support the growth of the industry such as government initiatives regarding agritourism and farmers to take strides for adopting agri-allied businesses.

Simultaneously, the growth in the travel and tourism industry is another robust reason supporting the growth of the industry. Moreover, the increasing health concerns are also leading people to switch to more organic and fresh farm products. Nevertheless, all these aspects are equally contributing to the boost the progress of the industry along with nurturing the relationship between farmers, the local community, and tourists.

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