Things to Consider Before Applying For Admission in Philippines

Applying For Admission in Philippines
Applying For Admission in Philippines

1. Most Beautiful Country

The Philippines is a beautiful country located within the Western Pacific Ocean. 

2. Agricultural Based Economy

The country has evolved from an agricultural based economy to a service and manufacturing economy. 

3. Excellent Universities and Educational Facilities

The major reason behind this evolution and growth of the country is the education sector of the country and with many excellent universities and educational facilities which are providing superior teaching to students from all across the world. 

4. Universities are Approved by MCI and WHO

The medical education of the country has reached great heights and many of the country’s universities are approved by medical bodies of various countries such as the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

5. Universities of the Philippines are Recognized and Approved by MCI

As the universities of the Philippines are recognized and approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

6. Curriculum Followed According to Guidelines of MCI

The curriculum is followed according to the guidelines of MCI (Medical Council of India) so that the students can without any trouble pass the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test after completing the medical studies from there. 

7. Highly Ranked University

The universities of the Philippines are highly ranked amongst the medical universities of the world and have received many awards and recognition for their excellent education facilities. 

8. Low Cost Medical Colleges

The country is home to many low cost medical colleges that have the international standards facilities and the students can fulfill their dream of studying in a college abroad without worrying to consume any extra wealth for expenses and cost. 

9. Fulfill Your Dream to Study in Abroad

Many Indian medical students who are looking to study in abroad can fulfill their dream of pursuing MBBS in Philippines easily and economically. 

10. World’s Third Largest English Speaking Country

It is the world’s third largest English speaking country and along with that, the Philippines have the highest English literacy rate in Asia. 

11. Mode of Teaching is English

The mode of teaching the course opted by the universities is in English and that is the reason many international students annually apply for admission in the medical schools of the Philippines as they do not face any language barriers here. 

12. No Barrier in Traveling

The best part of any Indian student studying MBBS in the Philippines is that traveling to the Philippines is very easy from India as there are direct flights available between both the countries. 

13. Difficult to Communicate with Doctors and Patients

The Philippines is a country where English is spoken commonly and for that reason, the Indian students do not find it difficult to communicate with doctors and patients during the period of their internship. 

14. Medium of Teaching in Universities is English

The medium of teaching in universities is English so that the students who are coming from overseas do not face any language barriers. 

15. Practice of Real Life Scenarios

The medical schools of the Philippines support practical teaching in the course to provide the students a hand on practice of real life scenarios while dealing with patients. 

16. Internship in Top Hospitals

Also, at the time of the internship, it is very easy for the students to communicate with the patients as the Philippines is majorly an English speaking country and that is a common language for the students to study whenever they are looking to study MBBS in abroad

17. Find a Lot of Support in the Universities

The Indian students can find a lot of support in the universities of the Philippines as there are already a lot of Indian students who are studying in the universities of the country. 

18. Faculties are Highly Experienced

The faculties in the universities are highly experienced and the ex-students speak very highly of them. 

19. Library is Equipped with Latest Text Books

The library of the universities also equipped with the latest texts and books with several types of research from known scholars and doctors for the students to read.

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