Top Bathroom Renovation That Will Add Value To Your Home

Bathroom Renovation
Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is a costly project that requires not only material investments but also some skills. Not everyone will cope with this on their own, most prefer to handle this task to professionals. Even if you have to hire a team, you need to know the main stages of the repair. This will allow you to control the process, create a project for the premises and plan on time.

It is better to approach the repair with proper preparation. First of all, you should get acquainted with building and finishing materials. Prepare the necessary tools. And most importantly, decide on the design of the future bathroom, choose the material and layout, go shopping and make an estimate.

Bathroom preparation

First, you need to prepare the premises for renovation. Cut off the water and dismantle the old plumbing, carefully remove the old finishing coatings. Think about changing pipes. Since using old ones can be unpredictable and even more costly. 

Working with walls, floor and ceiling

The wall covering must be levelled with plaster and mark the walls using a plumb line. Thanks to these lines, the tile would lie flat. Laying must be started from the bottom using special glue.

The floor, ceiling and walls should be carefully primed and levelled. Use various sand and cement mixtures for this. All the surfaces should be waterproofed with a special primer, bitumen mastic or roofing material.

Plumbing installation

All plumbing and household appliances should be properly installed and connected to the water supply system. It is necessary to carefully consider its placement in the bathroom, this is a very important stage since it will depend on how well you use a space.

All sizes and shapes of waterproof stone bathroom counter tops can be used. Also, take seriously the choice of the plumbing itself, because it can become part of a modern interior, which, in addition to its functionality, will give you aesthetic pleasure.

Before installing the bathtub, turn it over and screw on the legs, which are easily adjustable, thereby allowing you to choose any desired position and height. Then place the bathtub in the desired location without damaging the tiles.

The sink can be installed in several ways: on a pedestal, on a leg and by attaching it to the wall with brackets. 

The last stage of the repair

And the completion of the do-it-yourself bathroom renovation will be the installation of a new door, the main requirement for which is moisture resistance. 

And at the end, put in place sockets and switches, hang the curtains and add decoration.

Important points of renovation 

1. Floor heating

You will probably use tile for the bathroom floor. You already know that it remains cold at any time of the year. Floor heating is an option that allows you to make heating efficient, and to give the floor covering a comfortable temperature.

Its basis is a concrete screed, on which heating elements are laid. The top layer is ceramic tiles or other material. Depending on the type, the floors are:

1. Electric, which is based on an electric cable.

2. Water – heating is carried out by pipes with hot water. 

3. Infrared, where a special film is used. They are distinguished by ease of installation.

2. Waterproofing

Constantly high humidity levels often lead to the appearance of fungus, cracks in the walls and floor. The process affects not only the finish but also the supporting structures.

Waterproofing will help to avoid these problems. You just need to choose the right material and follow the technology. In the bathroom, special deep-penetrating compounds are usually used for treating concrete surfaces, materials for pasting and coating based on bitumen or latex.

3. Electricity

You cannot do without electricity in the bathroom: it is necessary for lighting and connecting household appliances. At the same time, all wiring must have excellent insulation: even in the absence of direct contact with water, a large amount of steam or dampness accumulated in the walls increases the likelihood of electric shock. Therefore, it is imperative to arrange the ground in the bathroom. And all devices used here must have a high IP coefficient, which indicates the degree of protection against ingress of water and steam.

4. Towel warmers and hand dryers

The towel warmer is used for drying towels, small volumes of laundry and heating the bathroom. The simplest option is water, connected to a heating system or hot water supply. This is a budget option, but it depends on the season and other conditions: in the summer, when there is no heating, or if there is an interruption in the water supply, your towels will remain damp.

Electric ones are more functional. 

A good quality hand dryer will make your life easier and add value to your bathroom. It will also make your bathroom more stylish and functional. 

5. Lighting

Although the bathroom is not a living space, it should have good lightning. Often the main ceiling lighting is not enough, therefore, as an addition, you can illuminate a mirror or hang wall lamps.

6. To avoid dampness

Since there are usually no windows in the bathroom, it can be problematic to ventilate it, fill it with fresh air. Since the atmosphere is more humid and heavy here than in the rest of the apartment, additional complications may arise. Therefore, even at the repair stage, it is worth installing a fan or a forced exhaust hood that promotes air exchange.

Many modern models are designed to turn on at the same time as the main lighting and stop working when the light is extinguished. This ensures the economical consumption of electricity.


Do-it-yourself bathroom renovation is particularly troublesome and not the simplest task. After all, various plumbing fixtures and household appliances, high temperature and humidity are gathered together there, with all this, the bath should be cosy and comfortable. But if you approach this task responsibly, a beautiful and freshly renovated bathroom will add great value to your home.

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