How to Blow Leaves the Right Way

How to Blow Leaves

You see the professional landscapers using a leaf blower all the time. They simply hold it in their hands and use the air from the blower to direct leaves where they need them to go. Sounds easy enough, right?

If you’ve never used a leaf blower before, then it’s actually a bit more difficult than it looks. There’s a technique to blowing leaves and if you don’t know how to blow leaves, then you could end up scattering them about creating more of a mess than you started with. Thankfully, there are several leaf blower tips you can use to ensure you blow leaves the right way.

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Only Blow Dry Leaves

The very first tip you need to remember is to only blow leaves when they’re dry. The water on wet leaves can make them heavy. A soggy pile of wet leaves will be difficult to move with a leaf blower.

It’s also ideal to do your leaf blowing on a day when there’s little to no wind. Wind can make it difficult to blow the leaves in the direction you want. Even when using the best leaf blower, it’s beneficial to work in ideal conditions.

Know the Leaves Destination

Before you begin blowing the leaves, it’s essential to have a plan. Where do you want all of the leaves to go? Determine their destination before getting started.

This allows you to blow the leaves with strategy. If you plan to pick up the pile of leaves once done, then you can lay a large tarp on the ground. Create your pile on the tarp and then use the tarp to quickly and easily pick up the pile of leaves.

Don’t hesitate to create multiple piles of leaves either if you’re working with a large area.

Clear Leaves From Buildings

If there are buildings in the zone you’re leaf blowing, then you want to be sure to start blowing the leaves by removing them from along the edge of buildings first. You should also remove leaves from under hedges as well. Make sure you move all of the leaves into an open area first before then blowing them towards the direction of their destination.

Blow Around the Leaves

If you blow through a section of leaves, then what will happen is you’ll create a clear path through the section with leaves on both sides. Work sideways by walking up and down in lines next to the pile of leaves to properly blow them in one direction.

To form a pile of leaves, you’ll need to blow around the leaves. Work around the outside of the leaves once in the area you need them in to form a big pile.

Now You Know How to Blow Leaves

If you’re new to using a leaf blower, then it may take you a few tries before you get it just right. Use the helpful information listed above and practice a few times to learn how to blow leaves properly.

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