Enjoy Some Brilliant Tastes From All Over The World at Your Home

Brilliant Tastes

Travel is not possible, you may encounter some powerful wanderlust. And, although you cannot jump on the plane now, you can enjoy a delicious dinner inspired by different flavors and cultures around the world.

One of the greatest pleasures during the trip is to try new foods and dishes. We usually do after checking into a hotel to go out looking for local restaurants or street food stalls. The beauty of food is that you can take your trip home and cook what you eat on the road. Why not cook the following dishes.

Brilliant Tastes

Eat the Spanish Paella

Paella from Valencia, Spain

Paella is a known-to-all dish, right? You will see it in Spain and even in most international cities. But, Paella is not made  with seafood! I repeat, there is no seafood in paella. Does it have Rabbit? Yes. And what about chicken? Yes. If you are adventurous, you can even add optional snails, but no prawns or mussels. Paella originated in Valencia because the surrounding countryside is very suitable for growing rice. The name Paella refers to a pot cooked with actual plates instead of real plates.

Chicken Spring Rolls

Thai Special

These rice paper rolls can be creative, and you can add any of your favorite protein. You can try to eat it with smoked salmon,  shrimp, tofu, vegan, and add some avocados and mangoes. Whatever you do, don’t miss the homemade spicy peanut butter. You are going to put it on everything.


North Vietnam

Pho originated in the mid-1880s from northern Vietnam. Two prominent figures deeply influence this dish in the history of Vietnam and Vietnam-Chinese and French cooking. Rice noodles and spices are imported from China, while the French widely use red meat. The word “phở” is derived from the French soup “pot au feu.” As Pho slowly moved south to Vietnam, this dish began to cause regional differences.

The northern style is much simpler than the southern style, with fewer ingredients. No matter which kind you eat, it is always delicious. Well, making a dish at home is exciting. However, suppose after making it, your taste buds still want to have the authentic taste. In that case, you can plan a vacation to North Vietnam, thereby making the Frontier Airlines Telefono. They give out some best offers for the flights.


Japanese pancakes made of cabbage

Its a Japanese classic recipe that you can find in street food stalls from Tokyo to Osaka. This is a delicious pancake made with chopped cabbage, flour, spring onions, and eggs, fried until crispy, then topped with anything from sriracha and mayonnaise to fish fillets and pickled ginger. Get the recipe for okonomiyaki.


Peru’s famous Seafood dish

Ceviche is a seafood dish that originated in Peru. There are many theories about the origin of dishes. Some people say that it started with the Maya; others say that there is evidence that this dish dates back thousands of years. All we know is our freaking love for it! Ceviche is usually made from fresh raw fish that has been marinated in citrus juice such as lime or lemon. It adds peppers, delicious onions, and fresh coriander.

Chicken and peanuts stew

African Cuisine

This recipe (a typical West African recipe) is made by cutting chicken breast, creamy peanut butter, chopped tomatoes, chicken broth, chopped peanuts, and many spices. This African peanut stew tastes scrumptious if served with some roasted peanuts, garlic k, ale, and cooked rice.

If you try it once a week, it will satisfy your wandering taste. All of these dishes serve the best to tickle your taste buds, and the best part is they can be cooked at home. But, still, if there is a slight possibility that you are not satisfied by their taste, and your wandering soul wants to be out on a dreamy vacay and eat the delicious food and cuisines around the world, then don’t forget to make a flight booking with Frontier Airlines Booking and enjoy the taste of world being on a food tasting tour. It will suit you best if you are a foodie.

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