4 Important and Final Checks to Consider when Shifting House

Shifting House in London
Shifting House in London

Are you among those people who speed a good part of their young life in shifting houses due to their jobs or family needs? If yes, then it is not at all surprising that home relocation can actually be troublesome for you particularly, when you do not have proper preparations in advance. You need to look for man and van hire in London to make the process easy and convenient. This blogpost will tell you how you can find out common activities most people forget to perform and how you can avoid committing the same mistakes.

Boxing items

Some specific objects in the home require special care. Packing things early only to find out that you need them, and you have no idea what box you packed them into is just one of the problems that can be avoided with a checklist. When boxing items, you need to do it in an orderly manner. Having a list that you can follow, tags and inventories can be very helpful. Here is a boxing order you can follow- Fragile objects, Heavy objects, Small and valuable accessories, etc.

After the boxing checklist has been completely ticked, you need to make sure that all is in order for the moving exercise to proceed smoothly.

Take your items from tailors, drycleaners and repair shops

Before you start packing your personal belongings, check if you have collected your clothes from drycleaners and tailors. Many people leave their expensive things just because they seem to be in a hurry for relocating to their new home.

If you are having some crafts-persons for repairing your personal items such as bags or shoes, then make it a point to collect them when moving to a new place. You should make a list of all your items that can help you to plan your move properly.

Make sure you check your personal records properly

Collecting your personal belongings is extremely important that should be done within two months before you decide to shift to your new house. This is mainly because certain items might require some time to reach the new destination. Don’t forget to collect records including your family health records from the GP and veterinarian files. You may also need to collect copies of your prescriptions or the list from your pharmacist. If you are using spectacles, take the record of your eye prescription.

There are some medical centres and pharmacies that do not transfer records to your new GP. You should arrange for this transfer in advance before moving to a new house. It might include an authorised letter to show to your present doctor that states your permission to transfer. Make sure you confirm it before your relocation.

Take proper care of hidden valuables and spare keys

Many people like to keep a spare key with their neighbour or hidden places that can be – under the mat or in the garden. Wherever you want to hide the keys, remember to take out your spare keys for the new occupants. Some people may even hire locksmiths for changing the locks, but it is obviously right to be done with a proper hand-over.

Other than the keys, there are other valuables too that you want to be kept away. You should do a sweep of your entire house before handing the keys over to your present landlord. This will ensure you are not leaving any hidden keys in your present house and can shift without unnecessary stress.

Consider gym memberships, library books and club fees

Make sure you return library books and inform the local library about your move so that they can cancel your card. If your card remains active, then someone might use it in your name for borrowing books without your consent. In this case, you will be held responsible in case the book gets lost or there is some damage to it.

You need to check with your gym memberships too, clubhouses as well as other facilities to prevent any unnecessary problem after your relocation. Some fitness clubs will even give you money-back options for unused portions. Enquire and see if you can get some money back from them.

Thus, by hiring man and van in London, you will be able to make your home relocation a memorable one.

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