Coastal Bathroom Styles for a Personal Retreat

Coastal Bathroom Styles

We all like feeling relaxed by the beach, sunbathing and feeling the light breeze on the skin. What if you can bottle that feeling and bring it home with you? Well, it is possible. With a few touch-ups and decorating tips, you can transform your bathroom to make it feel like you are relaxing on the beach every day.

Coastal Bathroom Styles

Blue and White Subway Shower Tiles

This is one of the most common coastal bathroom designs you could go for, but there is a reason why it’s so popular in many households. When you think of the beach you probably imagine crystal clear water, magnificent shades of blue, sunshine warming your skin and a sandy beach. Well, there is a way for you to bring that exact same aesthetics into your own bathroom. Here is how you can do it.

You can start off by changing your tiles and incorporating the subway tiles in white and blue colours. You can alternate between different shades of blue. Try combining them in a way that’s going to fit the aesthetics you have imagined. You can mix lighter shades and darker ones. This design will make you feel like you’re staring at the ocean each time you walk into your bathroom.

Beige Shiplap and Pebbled Floors

The next step would be to create an ambiance that resembles a golden sandy beach where you love to spend your days bathing in sunlight. To recreate the feeling of lying on a beach on a sunny day, you can go for implementing beige shiplap and pebbled floors in your bathroom. 

You can choose to use white and blue tiles like we’ve mentioned before, or you could opt for simplistic yet very inviting beige tones for your walls that will make you feel like you’re on a beach. As for the flooring, there is no better way to recreate the feel of walking along the beach shore than by making pebbled floors in your bathroom.

Each time you take a step out of your shower, you will feel like you just got out of the ocean and took the first step on the beach. It will feel warm to the touch and walking on the floor like this will instantly bring you back to warm beach days. 

Design your Vanity 

No matter what style you choose to go for, designing your vanity in a way that makes it perfectly fit with the rest of the bathroom’s theme and design is a great way to tie the whole look together. There are many different styles and colours you can incorporate to make your vanity fit in with the rest of the bathroom. 

Firstly, you could go for a simple, yet elegant white vanity with a glowing finishing touch. This will make the vanity stand out in such a beautiful and luxurious way. Combined with blue and white tiles on the bathroom walls, the elegant white vanity will make you feel like you’re on vacation somewhere in Greece every time you walk into the bathroom. This look is simply a classic and they are very common in many households in Australia.

If you prefer warm tones, you can go for a beige vanity that can nicely complement your pebbled floors. On the other hand, if you prefer a more vintage look, you can go for a simple wooden vanity. In case you are considering buying a new vanity, just make sure to have your water pipes checked out by.

They can make sure that everything is alright with the layout of water pipes as well as fix any issues if there are any. It is generally recommended to get frequent check-ups just to make sure everything is okay. Plus, these check-ups can help you notice any arising issues in which case the professionals will be able to prevent any bigger damages from even happening. 

Blue Accent Wall

Now, if you are not entirely sure what option to go for out of the first two options that we offered, don’t worry. Here are a few additional design ideas for your bathroom walls that you can consider. 

For instance, you don’t have to go for a traditional looking design for walls. You can choose to place focus on one wall and make it a focal point of the bathroom. Here is what we have in mind. You can choose simple white tiles for three walls in the bathroom, and then the remaining wall could have a different colour. To create a coastal-like design, the best colour you can go for is blue.

You can pick any shade you like. Think about what shade of blue reminds you of the ocean and use the tiles in that shade for your bathroom wall. This kind of a design will create a certain depth and character to this accent wall in your bathroom. Without being too extra or detailed, you can have a dreamy coast that will remind you of the soothing ocean waves every day.

Blue wall art

However, if you want to spice things up and add more details, you can try something else. Instead of simply painting an accent wall in one shade of blue or using blue tiles, you can create a blue wall art. This can be anything. It can be a huge painting that you found on sale. You can try painting a creative abstract painting that reminds you of the ocean and hang it on the wall. 

Don’t limit yourself. Any form of creativity is art. Get a huge canvas, some acrylic colours and paint with your hands. Get some flowers and other material that can stick to the canvas with a little bit of colour and glue and explore your imagination. This piece of art will be a focal point in your coastal bathroom. Try to create something that you associate with water and ocean. 

Circular Window

When we think about coastal bathrooms, we imagine circular windows. There is no actual way of explaining it, but there is something about that shape that brings us back to vacation by the beach. Incorporating that shape in your bathroom can really tie the whole look together and complete your coastal design. 

So, for instance, you can add a circular window with a slim and copper window frame. You can find a nice round-shaped mirror to go well with that window. Place it above your vanity and find a way to make it fit with the rest of the theme. Whether it is the colour of the frame or size of the mirror, just make sure it nicely completes the vanity area.

If you’re feeling inspired and creative you can decorate the mirror frame too. If it’s a wider frame, you can paint on it. If the frame is thinner, you can add fake flowers all around it to make your bathroom look like a nature resort or a private oasis. Plus, if you want to visually enlarge your bathroom, hanging a few mirrors around is a great choice. 

Peaceful Retreat

Creating a coastal bathroom is all about creating an atmosphere. It is all about the combination of different elements and how they come together as a whole to set the mood and make your bathroom feel like a peaceful oasis, a relaxing retreat, and your own personal self-care space. 

If you live near the sea or ocean, having a bathroom that looks directly at the beach is definitely a jackpot. Having your bathtub facing the stunning view of the ocean waves and sandy beaches that glow in the sunset is one of the best ways to have a relaxing bath time at the end of the long day.

You can install a floating bathtub, surround it with house plants and light some candles for the ultimate relaxation. You can complete this beautiful design with a soft and warm rug right next to the bathtub. 

At-home Spa

As we’ve mentioned it already, all kinds of shades of blue can create an amazing coastal-like aesthetic in your bathroom. You can play with different shades and shapes of tiles, add some art, and hang a couple of mirrors. However, for the ultimate relaxing atmosphere you can go a step further and create your own personal at-home spa. With a touch of neutral colours, add a bath caddy, some scented candles and essential oils, and your bathroom will feel like a spa. 


All things considered, it is all about using details, incorporating the right colours and being creative. If you decide to create a coastal-like bathroom, these are the elements you can consider. 

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