Convert Mac OLM to MBOX Format and Access OLM Files in Different Email Clients

Convert Mac OLM to MBOX Format
Convert Mac OLM to MBOX Format

Today in this advanced and technical environment people prefer using Outlook as their sole emailing platform, not only in Windows but also in Mac. For Mac users, the email client has been designed in such a way that can be used only on Mac, i.e., Outlook for Mac. Recently, due to its lack of flexibility, it tends to create a problem when users want to access their Outlook OLM files in any of the other email clients. Thus, making the user convert Mac OLM Outlook to MBOX format.


Because a large number of email clients can access the MBOX files easily without any trouble. Whereas OLM files could strictly be accessed in Outlook for Mac only. There are various reasons why people want to convert OLM to MBOX on Mac. MBOX is known for its easy and simple configuration that could be accessed even in non-specialized email clients.

The file format comes with a user-friendly interface that can be easily read in any of the email clients. Also, the MBOX file format is easy to use even by novice users, thus people want to convert their OLM files to MBOX. The OLM file stores and manages data like calendars, contacts, emails, task journals, etc. And it can be only accessed in the Outlook application on Mac. Therefore, you can easily convert Mac OLM Outlook to MBOX. 

In this article, we would give you the most accurate and perfect solution. Read and follow the article carefully to find the most probable solution. 

The Positive Approach to Convert Mac OLM Outlook to MBOX

To solve your problem instantly with an accurate and probable solution to Convert OLM to MBOX. There is no Manual Method for that thus, to avoid any of the complexities we have come up with a robust solution to solve your problem instantly. MacUncle OLM to MBOX Converter, the tool quickly and easily converts the OLM files to MBOX without any trouble and glitches. The wizard doesn’t restrict you in any way, you can upload an unlimited number of OLM files in the software without any restriction. Before the conversion begins, view the OLM File without Outlook.

The wizard preserves and maintains the folder’s hierarchy during and after the process. The application offers you the flexibility to choose your preferred destination location and file naming conventions. The tool is purely a standalone one, therefore you don’t need any other application for its installation.

Why a Third-Party Tool

You might find different applications to convert the email files on *.olm file formats. Therefore, here I will explain why you should go for any third-party application to convert Mac OLM Outlook to MBOX.

Batch Conversion: Using a tool will minimize the work to be done, in order to convert the Outlook OLM files to Mailbox format. Add single or multiple files to the software and convert the files in batches without any glitch.

User–friendly Tool: The software comes with a user-friendly interface that comes with a coherent GUI which can be operated by even novice users.

Safe & Secured Conversion: The tool prevents your data from any loss, the tool guarantees you 100% safety and security, thus you don’t have to worry about it.

Compatible on all latest versions: The tool supports all the latest versions of Mac OS.

Trial Version: The demo or the trial version of the application is to give an example for the user about the tool’s working process. As the trial version will give you a free conversion of up to 25 OLM files to MBOX. 

The Steps to run the software effortlessly 

Here are the steps given below, kindly read and follow them carefully: –

  1. Start the software on your Machine. 
  2. Now add your OLM files in the software that you wish to convert using the Add file (s) or Add folder (s) options
  3. You can then also preview your OLM files in the software itself before the conversion. Click the Next button then. 
  4. Now choose the MBOX option from the Select Saving List
  5. Further, choose your preferred destination location and file naming conventions. Finally, click on the Export button. 

You will receive notifications regarding the successful completion of the procedure. 

Points to Remember

The blog above has given you the most powerful and perfect tool to Convert Mac OLM Outlook to MBOX. You don’t easily find any reliable solution to go with, so, we have given the best tool for you right here. MacUncle OLM to MBOX Converter, this tool can easily and quickly convert all your OLM files to MBOX. The utility offers dual-mode to upload the OLM files in the software. The tool preserves and maintains your data during and after the process to prevent it from any loss.

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