What is DBX File and How To Open DBX File On Mac

Open DBX File on Mac
Open DBX File On Mac

If you were an Outlook Express user then you know about the DBX File and the problems associated with it. Many users have managed to back up their Outlook Express DBX Files but the biggest problems of all lie as to how one can access these DBX Files on the Mac System. So, if you are the one who is looking for alternative options to access DBX File then you are at the right place, go ahead with this article where it goes and seek a solution for you while in return, we don’t demand anything. 

We will provide the best and the most powerful solution for all your problems while you just have to give a min of your time. So, wait for a while and go through while we give you the best possible solution. 

More About DBX File

So what is a DBX File you must be wondering? Outlook Express is a desktop-based email program launched by Microsoft which provides you with all the basic services, such as email, contacts, calendar, etc. it was a default application in the earlier versions of the Internet Explorer but later it was replaced by Windows Mail, as Microsoft discontinued the OE service.  

Outlook Express by default saves all your mails in the form of a DBX File which you can locate in your systems instead of saving it in the MBOX format which makes it complicated because you cannot manually access your DBX File, it’s not that piece of cake. DBX File is an extension that contains several emails in usually one email folder like, inbox.dbx, sent items.dbx, important.dbx, etc. thus users find it difficult to open up their DBX Files because we all know that Outlook Express is not available in the latest versions of Windows. 

You can access DBX Files on Mac directly without wasting any second right away using the simplest and marvelous tool, DBX Converter for Mac, an instant and permanent method to do away with every problem right now. 

How to Access your DBX files Directly – An Expert Solution

DBX Converter for Mac is an incredible wizard that will help you to bring back your important and valuable emails. It is very helpful even for all the non-technical users out there, you just have to give the right command while the rest depends upon the DBX Converter it will get your job done effectively. 

This tool is very smooth when it comes to its functioning, it allows you to convert your DBX File in any of the 25+ formats such as PST, MBOX, MSG, CSV, etc. on your Mac System.

You can securely convert your DBX Files on your Mac with attachments. There is no size restriction you can convert a huge number of DBX Files on your Mac without any second thought. While it offers you multiple filters for saving the DBX Files you can opt either for selective conversion of DBX file emails or bulk conversion, the choice is yours! 

It guarantees 100% safety and security while it supports all the latest versions of MAC OS, like 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.12 Sierra, etc. You just need to download the DBX Converter and rely on it fully while it will prove its worth and time. 

How to Use the Tool

Here we will explain to you the detailed process of opening .dbx files with attachments on your Mac System. You can also avail of its free demo trial wherein you can open 25 .dbx files on Mac OS whereas to open all you’re Outlook Express DBX Files you have to activate the license key. 

Follow the steps carefully to access DBX Email Files on Mac OS, 

  1. On Mac OS, install the DBX Converter tool using the link. 
  2. Now start by adding the DBX Files you wish to open using the Add File (s) or Add Folder (s) buttons. Add single or multiple DBX Files or a full folder consisting of .dbx files, respectively. To step on, click the Next button.
  3. The next tab allows you to choose the DBX Files from the list. Click the Next button then.
  4. Choose IMAP option from Select Saving option.
  5. Now enter the credentials for your iCloud account and the IMAP host and the IMAP port. 

You will be then receiving few updates regarding the completion of the conversion and a trial kit message after the conversion. 

Traits of the Tool

This wizard will provide you a valuable experience, it is an independent way where the user doesn’t have to install additional applications. The attachments and all the material assets of the emails will remain intact during the conversion. There is no size restriction when it comes to the conversion of the DBX Files, while it supports all the latest versions of Mac OS. 


I now presume that you all must have understood the background of the Outlook Express DBX Files and the solution as to how you can open your pending DBX Files on the Mac System. There is no manual way to access the DBX Files therefore you should go for the DBX Converter which not only makes your DBX Files accessible but also you can export them to the supported format by Mac OS email client that displays DBX emails on all its latest versions. Go for the best!

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