Best 9 Steps To Building An Effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Recruitment Marketing Strategy
Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Marketing plays an important role in any business because it helps you sell your products or services. The bottom line is that any business is out there to make money and marketing is the essential channel to reach this end goal. Many businesses would not exist without marketing because ultimately marketing is what drives sales.

Even in the field of recruitment marketing is necessary. Candidates are like customers today and they need to be marketed. Marketing to candidates is strategically important because it impacts the overall direction of their business in the long term.

Candidates care about what is being said about a company be it on Twitter, Facebook, or the front-page of newspapers. Companies are working more strategically on recruiting and they are under increasing pressure to make sure the right kind of talent is hired.

Despite the rumors that there is a possible downswing in talent acquisition, the big picture is slightly different. HR firms and marketing recruitment agencies must look at new and innovative ways to locate and hire the best talent out there fostering a bright, vibrant, and modern brimming workplace.

What is Recruitment Marketing

Acquiring talent is a challenge today and should be effectively addressed by a smart and enriched candidate evaluation and a robust recruitment marketing blueprint. Great talent is a strong and consistent source of advantage in the competitive world of business and recruitment marketing gives companies the ability to attract the best.

Recruitment marketing is the practice of availing marketing strategies to promote the working for an employer so that they can attract, engage, recruit and retail the best of talent. It is both a strategy of talent acquisition, human resources, and marketing professionals.

Recruitment marketing is supported by skills, practices, and technologies that are necessary for employers to compete for the best talent so get more info click here.

The old methods of recruitment marketing do not work now. Today candidates discover and feel employers the same way just as consumers find products. By searching online, or following social media, and reading reviews, the candidates become aware of the employer and their career opportunities at the company.

A candidate’s decision is influenced by what they learn about the company’s mission and culture and help them in deciding if they want to apply for a job and accept an offer.

It could also form a negative impression and become a brand detractor.

Whether taken up as a full-time career or a part-time job, recruitment marketers know very well how to authentically describe the company’s story to attract qualified talent by showing it as a great workplace. They also help the existing employees to get engaged in the company culture.

Best 9 Steps to Building an Effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy

If you are an HR professional or run marketing recruitment agencies in today’s candidate-driven job market then you know how difficult it is to fill vacant positions with great talent candidates. Candidates are in demand now. Nowadays, they are in control and get to choose where they want to work. There are so many companies competing to get the same candidates and it would seem next to impossible to get the top talent’s attention.

A well-rounded recruitment marketing strategy is needed to build your talent pool and keep it filled with a continuous flow of great candidates. The best 9 steps to building an effective recruitment marketing strategy are:

Building your team

Building a strong team is the first time to effective recruitment marketing strategy. If you have access to the in-house marketing team then they can help you through this process. If you do not have access to the in-house team then try to engage with an employee who has social media marketing experience. He could even be a strong writer or an advertising expert.

If you are heading a department or part of a department that hires frequently then depute an expert for each marketing team. Pick out people who are experts in social media marketing, SEO optimization, and job-description writing. Each of these people will work on a part of the process and you will not have to know it all.

Knowing your candidate’s online experience

You will not like to spend hours filling online applications that have repetitive questions and asks for more information. Neither will your candidate like this. If you do not like it then no one will. While creating the online job application put yourself in the place of your future candidate.

Most of the job aspirants quit while filling out online job forms because of it being length or complexity. Some of the points to consider while improving your recruitment marketing tactics are to check out if the jobs section on your company’s website is easy to find.  The job application should be easily approachable even on smartphones as half of the job seekers complete their application on their phone.

Your job search function should be easy to use and should have filters. By improving on these points you can help your job candidate’s online experience to be worth applying to your company’s post.

Understanding your goals

This step is essential as it will help you in starting a development plan to understand what the purpose is all about. Many recruiters want more and more qualified candidates to apply for jobs. The more their career page gets hits, the more the chances of an increase in the acceptance rate of job offers. Work out what is lacking in your recruitment process at present and what changes you would like to bring to improve on it.

Establish relations with social media

Users on social media are increasing by the day.  Recent studies say that more than 3.5 million users are there worldwide on social media. And many of them have so many accounts on various social media platforms.

Therefore, your potential job aspirant will also be on social media. Many employees are also following social media to keep up with the latest recruitment procedures. This is why social media marketing forms an important part of recruitment marketing strategy.

Setting a budget

The perception that marketing should be done free is just not right. The greatest investment is people and getting the right candidate for your company comes at a cost. Once you have understood the average cost for applying for a job and how many applicants you need to catch to hire, you can finalize the budget and modify it over time.

Increasing job visibility

One of the important parts of marketing is visibility. You want your job opportunity to be captured in the eyes of everyone. For this, there are so many methods. The first noticeable thing will be the job title. You have to see that it is attractive, stylish, and gets noticed at the first sight. You can take the help of Google to find out if the words you are using will be searched or if not find better word options.

Advertising opportunities

In any business advertising opportunities means investing time and money on websites relating to what you are trying to advertise and what type of audience you want to reach out to. For example, if you feel most of your candidates are on LinkedIn then you should invest in advertising on LinkedIn. While building your ad there you should work on your demographics, interests, and work experience.

Schedule important marketing activities

Once you have worked out how to work out your marketing strategies then you should move towards attracting job applicants through marketing activities. Outline your important marketing activities like starting an account on job sites like, Indeed, etc, and sponsor jobs on them.

Try to rework the job description and establish a habit of posting on social media platforms. Keep monitoring your marketing activities as you need to check out if they need any improvisation from time-to-time. If you are using recruitment marketing agencies keep a fixed follow-up with them so that they are kept reminded of you frequently.

Communicating strategies

Before you take the final leap on your recruitment marketing strategies and marketing activities check it out with the recruiters. You should communicate all these strategies and activities with them. Only when they understand the efforts of your time and money will they agree to buy in and work on their part.  


Successful recruitment is hard. To do good recruitment marketing you need to devote a lot of time, money, and people to track your progress. Only this will help in real-time improvement.

Your investment will be worth it if you have an increasing flow of qualified and talented candidates. By enhancing your company’s brand and increasing sales as job aspirants, the people in their network will become your customers.

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