7 Essential Accessories for Every Bathroom In 2021

Essential Accessories for Every Bathroom
Essential Accessories for Every Bathroom

There are few rooms in our homes that are quite as important as the bathroom. It’s where we spend a lot of our time freshening up and getting ready to face the challenges of the day. This is why it’s crucial to make our bathrooms as practical and attractive as possible. When you start your day off on the right tile, it’s guaranteed to be productive. 

With the right accessories, you can overhaul your bathroom and make it even more comfortable than it already is. There are plenty of them to choose from if you know what to look for. Here are a few examples of the most essential accessories and amenities for your bathroom. 

1. Vanity sets

It’s important to keep your vanity looking fresh and well organized. When you keep your soap and bathroom accessories right on the vanity, it doesn’t make for an organized whole. Whenever water and soap splash around these items, they leave noticeable stains. It’s an all-around mess when you leave things on your vanity. 

With the right set, you can make the vanity look like a well-organized shelf. Instead of keeping your soap and toothpaste on the vanity’s surface, you can get a toothbrush holder and soap tray. If you prefer liquid soap, get a dispenser that matches your vanity set. This way, you can have a chic and gorgeous combo of items that go well with each other, while also keeping your vanity clean and your bathroom organized

2. Bathroom grab bars

While we look at our bathrooms as safe sanctuaries, they can be dangerous. All those hard tiles and ceramic elements don’t pair well with slippery floors. One small slip can lead to some major injuries if you aren’t careful.

If you don’t want to think about slipping every time you get out of the shower, you should install a few bathroom grab bars. They provide great stability and let you feel at ease when you’re traversing wet floors. Not to mention, they make it much easier to get out of a bathtub when everything’s still slippery. They can also double as towel holders when you aren’t using them!

3. Multi-purpose storage

A well-organized home needs plenty of storage space. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the bathroom. This is where we keep everything from towels to cleaning supplies. There’s rarely enough room to keep everything neat a tidy, which is why many hair and makeup products end up on top of front-load washing machines or on bathroom vanities. 

The best way to organize your bathroom is to install lots of multi-purpose storage options. Make sure you have a couple of extra shelves at the ready, as you can never have too many of them. A cupboard with hooks and shelves inside of it can help tremendously. Bathroom towel racks are especially useful, as they don’t take up a lot of space. As a bonus, they also look incredibly stylish when outfitted with colourful towels. 

Hooks are particularly useful for organizing your bathrobes and a couple of extra towels. You can and should place them wherever there’s extra wall space that isn’t being utilized. The backside of the bathroom door is a good spot for a couple of hooks as well. 

4. A large mirror

We all know that mirrors are an essential part of bathroom décor. However, plenty of people think that a small mirror on the back of their medicine cabinet will be enough. After a while, you start to realize the importance of having a bigger mirror in your bathroom. It can help you prepare for the day and let you get a good look at yourself once you prepare for work, school, or any other activities. 

A nice-sized mirror can also improve the overall look of your bathroom. Mirrors make rooms look more spacious and relaxing. This goes double for the bathroom, where comfort and extra room are always welcome. If you have enough space above your vanity, you should consider getting a sizeable mirror installed. With the way light bounces off of it, you’ll be delighted to have a brighter and more comfortable bathroom. 

5. Cozy lighting options

Speaking of how lights can overhaul a room, there are few bathroom elements that are quite as important as lighting. The type of lighting you choose can mean the difference between having your bathroom look like a dentist’s office and a cozy oasis. The most important factors are the bulbs you choose and where you place them.

Warm lights are especially popular in bathroom designs. Yellow lighting makes you feel cozy and at home, while whiter lights can make things look a bit sterile. However, both have their uses in specific bathroom designs. It’s all about how you implement them. If you want to have overhead lighting, it’s recommended that you choose multiple bulbs and imbed them in the ceiling. A chandelier is another option that’s great for old-timey and midcentury styles, but it might be difficult to clean. 

Dimmers have become the go-to choice for most modern bathroom designs. They can help you create a sensual or relaxing atmosphere with the turn of a knob. Not to mention, you can adjust them to any level that suits you, depending on your mood or the time of day. 

6. Attractive colour design

When you imagine a typical bathroom, a pearly white haven probably comes to mind. However, people have grown tired of the classic bathroom look and are looking for more interesting colour designs. For this reason, modern bathrooms come in a variety of colours nowadays, which means you can create a unique and aesthetic look that suits your home’s style. 

When it comes to contemporary bathroom designs, black is considered the new chrome. It’s sleek, it’s stylish, and it goes well with everything. It’s not just tiles that you can paint it black, either. If you want to do away with the classic white tub, you can get an all-black bathtub. Make it a centrepiece of your bathroom and match it with other stylish bathroom accessories, such as the vanity and cupboard. 

If you would prefer another choice of colours, the sky’s the limit. You can go with softer hues, pastel colours, or anything else that comes to mind. A bathroom with passionate red hues isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. Make sure you match textures with the colours as well. A lush and thick bathroom mat might go better with aggressive colours like red and black, for example. If you want to spice up a white bathroom design, introduce some houseplants that can handle the heat and moisture. They’ll give you quite a bit of diversity when it comes to textures.

7. Faucets with style

Not every accessory has to be practical. Sometimes you just want to make your home’s aquatic oasis look like a gorgeous spa-like bathroom haven. While faucets might not seem like huge aspects of a bathroom’s aesthetic look, you’d be surprised at how well they can complement certain styles. 

When it comes to bathroom faucets, there are countless options to choose from. For a chic or rustic look, copper and bronze colours do wonder. Modern and contemporary bathroom designs often implement sleek and elegant faucets that are easy to maintain. Keep in mind that you can even make a faucet the centrepiece of your vanity and sink designs. Play around with colours to create contrasts and you’ll see how much a new faucet can overhaul your bathroom design.


There’s no limit when it comes to how unique you can make your bathroom. With the right accessories, you can create a practical and attractive spa-like atmosphere that caters to your every need. Consider the above examples when designing your bathroom, and you won’t lack for anything when spending time in your personal oasis. 

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