What is Cumin Seeds Powder: How to Make and Use It

Cumin Seeds Powder
Cumin Seeds Powder

Cumin spices, once oxidized and stored in bottles, lose their actual flavor over time. But what if cumin powder is made at home that gives the fantastic depth of flavor that lasts for an extendable period.

Cumin seeds in India offer natural flavor, adding smoky, delicious, and earthy flavor. Also, it has numerous health and nutritional benefits.

It is generally utilized in two different forms

  • ground cumin
  • Whole seeds

In Indian cooking, the whole seeds are typically added to hot Ghee or oil. This process is called tadka, which brings the entire aroma and complex flavor of the spice. It is added to the gravies or curries or soups, stir fry dishes, chaats, salads, etc. At the same time, cumin powder plays a vital role in a recipe and has no substitute for them.

Why preferring homemade cumin powder?

Yes, to experience its natural flavor than those stored ones in the bottles is the simple reason why homemade cumin powder is given more preference. The tastes remain the same even after a long time. No artificial flavor can compensate for it. So, all you require is good quality whole cumin seeds, preferably NON-GMO kind or organic, and a good spice grinder. Making them in small batches would be a good option.

Why roasting cumin seeds are essential:

Whole cumin seeds naturally taste slightly bitter and sharp. The sharpness and bitterness are reduced by roasting them, further enhancing the more warming and earthy flavors. And once you get habituated to roasting cumin powder, there is no way going back to the unroasted ones. Also, the process of roasting making them more stable and lasts longer.

However, unroasted cumin powder can be utilized in grilled dishes, marinades, fried foods, stews, and soups, where it is added much before the time in cooking.

You are just two procedures away from preparing your cumin powder at home. The first procedure is to roast the whole seeds on shallow heat to let out the aroma. Then they are cooled down for a while and ground down in a spice grinder, making a fine powder. Lastly, store it in a clean airtight container/jar; this homemade ground cumin detains its flavor for 2-3 months. So this popular spice not only possesses flavors but also adds nutritional benefits to the dishes offering the immense potential to your overall body system.

The process of making cumin powder:

The procedure includes:

  • Put cumin seeds into a pan
  • Let it dry roast on medium heat, stirring consistently for 1-2 minutes
  • After they become hot, lower your flame and keep stirring. After 1 or 2 minutes, they will start to smell good, aromatic, strong, and earthy. Turn off the flame and remove them from the stove. Cool it entirely by further stirring it for another 1-2 minutes.
  • Pour them into a spice grinder further grind it in the break of 30-50 seconds until it turns finer.
  • Scratch down the sides using a spoon, and grind it a little bit longer if required
  •  If you don’t get a powerful grinder, strain and grind the coarse ground spices further after the cumin powder is cool down, store it in a pantry or a glass jar for 2-3 months. It will give them a lifetime and taste suitable for six months or even longer if you store them in a refrigerator.
  • Store the cumin powder in smaller jars; if you make it in larger quantities, utilize them one after another, so the flavor remains pristine for longer.

How to utilize the cumin powder:

Cumin powder can be sprinkled in your curries, stir fry dishes, salads, chaats, soups, etc. It is ultimate to use it when you are about the end in soup or stir fry. To use in salads, chaats, and raita, sprinkle as much you need when you are serving and use it in curries, and use it along with garam masala or coriander powder.

What does Ayurveda say regarding Cumin:

According to Ayurveda, cumin seeds India is instrumental in balancing the doshas. But it is preferred to have it along with other ingredients depending upon your dominant dosha. If you have a pitta propensity, you need to use Cumin with a cooling component to alleviate its hot effects because it is extremely hot. Coconut oil or Ghee is cooling, so have the cumin powder with any of these fats.

If you have Vata, combine it with sesame seed to keep a balance with doshas, which would be exclusively beneficial. Cumin seeds are automatically balancing for the users who have Kapha. Its health-providing properties enhance when had with honey for Kapha predominant people.

Benefits of the cumin seeds:

The nutritional health benefits of using cumin seeds are:

Weight loss:

Using Cumin can be beneficial in losing weight as it increases metabolism, allowing your body to lose weight naturally. It also reduces belly fat and detoxifies the body.


Cumin stimulates the digestive enzymes, and it helps you to improve your digestion. It helps with the digestion process by maximizing the absorption of nutrients from foods and making fat more accessible to break down. Cumin reduces hyperacidity and indigestion and improves appetite.


Blood sugar level fluctuates a lot during the day hours for diabetic patients. Cumin, particularly cumin water, helps balance sugar levels in your body by enhancing insulin in the body.


You can ultimately shove off many infections caused by the bacteria and virus naturally when you have a robust immune system that operates well. Cumin enhances immunity and minimizes the risk of getting ill. It is beneficial if you are prone to catching coughs or colds due to lowered immunity or seasonal changes.

Blood pressure:

Hypertension is a factor in several conditions that give rise to brain stroke and heart problems. But using Cumin, which is rich in potassium, helps balance the blood sugar levels since it hinders salt, which increases blood pressure.


In the above briefly discussed information, we have come across the importance of Cumin seeds India benefits and how homemade preparation of cumin powder offer you healthy nutritious benefits. Cumin is also rich in iron and consists of plant compounds that are antioxidants overall, keeping your meal tasty and maintaining your body balance healthily.

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