A Brief Explanation On Making Great Notes

Making Great Notes
Making Great Notes

As we all know, and as we have heard earlier and many times also that making notes is the best way to memorize something. It is often the question of many students that ” how can we make notes so that we can get some help in homework ” hair we are going to provide you with some valuable points so that you can make efficient notes for your exams and they would also provide you some homework help.  

1. Do not forget to put headings and subheadings in your notes.

Once you have made your notes and it is time for revising them, then it might be difficult for someone to revise the notes who has not used any heading or subheading while making their notes because then it will be a really tiring task to read the whole paper to find the topic you were searching for.

Making headings and subheadings of important topics will provide you more clarity of the topic and will keep your work more organized. Also breaking down your work into many points will help you remember them for a longer period of time ( which is the whole purpose of taking notes ) and would provide you some homework help. 

2. Do not write everything you see in your notes.

It is one of the most common mistakes made by students, they tend to write everything down, thinking that information might be important and when it is time to revise, they just get very tired from reading the stuff that is also present in the book again. 

Make notes after a thorough reading of your books or material from which you are making your notes. 

After understanding the topic you will easily be able to defer between the valuable and the unnecessary information and hence you will be able to make good and precise notes that will be just enough to provide you with the valuable information that you have to remember while preparing for your exams. 

3. Try to make tables, diagrams, and flow charts to make your notes more effective.

Visual learning is a very effective method of learning and the method by which you can apply visual learning while making notes is by making various diagrams, tables, and flow charts. 

This is going to provide you a lot of help with homework and will also make you remember the information for a longer period of time. It will make your work look organized and would increase your interest to read your notes. 

Also making tables, diagrams, and flow charts will help in making your notes less boring and will enhance your learning along with providing you homework help. 

4. Use multi-colored pens.

Using different colored pens can bring you a lot of homework help, though you might not understand it after reading the heading but using different colors for specific points or parts of your notes will surely provide you some help in homework. 

Writing the heading or some important point with a different colored pen or highlighting it with some color will make the point stand out and will help you remember more efficiently. 

By using different colors and highlighting information we do not mean that you should make your notes rainbow-like, use a highlighter or a different colored pen for your headings and subheadings, point out an important section, to write examples or the important words that you think you should write while writing your answers. 

5. Make your sentences as short as possible.

You should never write full sentences as reading those long sentences could be a really tiring task and is not going to provide you any sort of help with homework. 

A well-written note should only provide you with the gist of the topic so that you are able to recall the whole information within a small amount of time. 

When you have to write short sentences then you think about the present information a lot and understand it thoroughly and hence you learn the topic while making the notes. To make your notes short you can also take the help of numbered list or bullet points. 

6. Use hyphens and commas

Using hyphens ” – ” and commas “, ” while writing your notes can be a real help in making your notes small, precise, and up to the point. We are giving you one example and then you can judge by yourself that whether it will provide you some homework help or not.

  • Without hyphens and commas – 

Dhritarashtra was the king of Hastinapur. He was blind by birth and he had 101 sons and 1 daughter.  100 Kauravas and Dushala were from Gandhari and one son Yuyutsu was from Gandhari’s maid.

  • With hyphens and commas

Dhritarashtra – king of Hastinapur, blind by birth, 100 sons (Kauravas) and one daughter ( Dushala) from Gandhari, 1 son (Yuyutsu) from her maid.

We are sure you are able to make out the difference between them. 

7. Leave space for editing.

You should always leave space while writing your notes because that will provide you room for further editing if it is needed. It is always advisable to write notes with leaving some gap in between. 

For example, leave a gap of at least 1 line after you have completed every paragraph in that way you will be able to make any changes or add anything extra if needed that you might have missed in the first reading of your books. 

It can be very helpful if you want to add certain dates to your notes or to write a specific quotation that might help you in writing your exams later on or anything that you may find important. 

8. Never write your notes on loose paper.

Writing your notes on loose paper is the worst thing you could ever do and this is not going to provide you any kind of help with homework. 

Always make a notebook to write your notes and make sure you are not writing them in loose papers as they will get lost most of the time and then you will have to work again on the same topic. 

Also, it is hard to manage and organize papers but if you will make a notebook then that task will be very easy for you.  

9. Keep your hand-writing good

Nobody wants to read a paper that they can not even read or which they may find difficult to read. Your handwriting should be good if you want to maintain your interest in reading the notes home. In addition, good handwriting will also make your notes look organized and clear to understand. 

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