Buying Heart Shaped Plants for Valentine’s Day

Heart Shaped Plants for Valentine's Day
Heart Shaped Plants

The heart is where love originates, and this shape is pretty popular to illustrate love on Valentine’s Day. The majority of the goods are built in this form, as that is assumed to improve the romance and love in a couple’s life. If this is correct, a heart-shaped bloom or plant can also be the cupid here, right?

Love might not flourish on trees, but love does thrive in the heart, and with these beautiful heart-shaped flowers, plants, and Valentine’s day plants, people can genuinely find something distinct as a present. Somebody has picked up the responsibility to make our nation a cleaner one, and we are the one encouraging the heart-shaped flowers and plants progressively on this Valentine’s Day. Effect? Our homes would inhale healthier air, and our passion would be nourished every day in our gardens.

SweetHeart Plant:

Several popular names are entitled to this plant, like Valentine Hoya or sweetheart plant. Hoya is the nickname of a species indigenous to SouthEast Asia, and because of the heart shape of this plant, it is frequently affiliated with Valentine’s Day. This durable plant can stay active and cheery throughout the year, hardly with a hydrating session of a month. What a spectacular Valentine’s Day present, isn’t it? This plant echoes with the endless love in your heart. So, send them to your loved ones with free flower delivery.

Lucky Bamboo Heart-Shaped Plant:

According to ancient research of Chinese Astrology, installing lucky bamboo at home reinstates prosperity and health. A person can stumble upon any deterrent by installing a lucky bamboo plant in their house. There is also something known as a heart-shaped lucky bamboo plant, and these plants are given on Valentine’s Day to exhibit genuine love.

A part of the Dracaena family of plants, this heart-shaped lucky bamboo plant is acknowledged as an emblem of success and luck in the Asian culture. This rare plant is generated systematically by turning a bundle of these plants towards the light in its primary stages of development. The whole procedure is a time consuming one, and one curve can take approximately one year.

Anthurium Plant:

Anthurium is among the most remarkable blossoms of the flora world, which bears green colored blooms and a red heart-shaped leaf. Due to its looks, some people also call it a tail blossom. This type of flower symbolizes a comprehensive symbol of happiness, abundance, and hospitality.

The bloom of the Anthurium plant seems rugged on the spadix when distinguished to the glossy spadix and arrives in the shades of red. Lovers can conveniently obtain several interesting blossom arrangements of this bloom, and on Valentine’s eve, this can be a wonderful treat for your beloved. A perfect choice if you are looking to send flowers to your loved ones.


Caladium is a tropical flower, and the appealing hue of pink, green or red makes it an ideal natural gift on Valentine’s Day. Usually, this plant is also known as the elephant’s ear. The leaves of this plant appear in several forms, such as lances, arrows, or hearts with various color blends of rose, pink, white, red, green, and chartreuse. Lavender hue is also accessible and with some variation. We are confident there are plenty of options before us to determine how natural our love is towards our beloved!

Siberian Bugloss: 

The scientific name for this plant is Brunnera macrophylla and bears tiny pale blue blossoms with heart-shaped leaves. These plants comprise of the leaves that are lustrous green in color or appear in diversified streaks of silver, gray, or white. What an exceptional manner of proposing the love of your life with a heart-shaped leaf and cute blossom? So, locate this spectacular plant at a local florist, or you can also order them through online flower delivery in Kolkata.

Epimedium Plant:

Another extremely fascinating plant along with heart-shaped leaves and aromatic blooms is Epimedium, usually known as barrenwort, bishop’s hat, or fairy wings. The hue of the spider-like blossom possessing four petals is red or pale yellow. These plants are affiliated to the group of evergreen hardy or deciduous perennials.

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