15 Best Home Design & Decorating Ideas – Decor Tricks & Tips 2021

Decorating Ideas

2021 is indeed an exceptional year. The Covid-19 pandemic along with all the local and international repercussions it caused have really changed the interface of the whole world’s usual functionality. Work-from-home has become the trend, and many customs and traditions have changed, welcoming the features of a new era. With all these changes, the décor styles and design ideas for house were obviously affected. As people’s viewpoints transformed, their perspectives towards home design & decoration have also altered.

Plants At Home


“Because everybody is confined to being at home, those little plants bring you joy,” Interior designer Alvin Wayne says. “Plants are something you can take care of and they get your mind off of everything that’s going on. …  There are definitely way more benefits to having real plant life at home.” Besides beautifying spaces, plants are also a natural air purifier, and a real mood improver, which we really need in the current situation we are living in.

Home Office


Interior designer Nathalie Papier confirms that formal zones are going by the wayside recently, which make us wonder, “why not getting rid of that formal lifeless aspect of our living or dining room where we sit every six months and turn it instead into a work office and a study room for children, or even a chill lounge where we can just relax?”

Multi-purpose Foldable Table


Multi-purpose furniture should also be considered, especially since we are spending almost all day long at home! So why don’t we turn our pieces of furniture into more functional ones?

Leather Pillows

pillow 2

With our new stay-at-home lifestyle, it would be great to add a natural touch to our living room, by adding a leather pillow, a knitted throw blanket, marble coffee tables, creating an organic appearance, that would generate a more tranquil and stress-free vibe. This natural vibe would also give a homey and cozy feel to your home.

Pieces of Art


De-clutter and Downsize! As the home has become our only stay nowadays, it is recommendable to polish it and give it a more curated look, by adding accessories and objects that speak to us, not impersonal or faceless furniture. You can go for adding sculptures, art pieces of your choice, any furnishing that appeals to you, so you can feel hugged every time you walk into the room.



When you’re quasi always home, it’s easy for clutter to pile up, and of course, you do not want to spend your whole day in messy rooms. Therefore, you should prioritize storage. You can opt for a credenza, using the top for decoration, or serve a meal.



Wallpapers are back in 2021. They are being used as a statement wall or a colorful backing for cupboards. Wallpapers are also being fixed on ceilings, adding some dimension and interest to a room! This option is a perfect one for renters and for those who like to change their home décor every once in a while, always on the hunt for the best home design.

Add Bold Colors


These pops of colors can introduce personality to your home, as well as infuse your space with happiness.

Kitchen Open Shelves


Divisions. Children and parents are cohabiting every single day, while both sides have everyday routines, so, study and work need a separate space for maximal functionality. For better results, you may zone out your home, designating work and study stations, or invest in a room divider.

Remodel Your Kitchen


You can replace upper cabinets with open shelves, which will give a more spacious impression. You can also add some exotic touch to your kitchen space by putting some plants or an attractive accessory.

Graphic Art


Graphic art; it has become the recent trend, whether on canvas, pillows, walls, making the place cooler.

Granny Chic


Grandma’s house. You can go for a vintage grand millennial look, mixing old traditional furnishings to add this “granny chic” vibe to your house.



Just repainting a room can give the impression of just reaching the best home decoration you were lately after.



New pillows for sofas and chairs. They can renew the look of your couch or chair, adding some life into the room. You can opt for patterned styles or even different-sized pillows.

Add Mirrors


Mirrors give a more spacious impression to a room, reflecting light all over the place. Mirrors are not only made for bathrooms and bedrooms; they can go very well in living and dining rooms. Mirrors are also among the furnishings that are usually part of the best home decor.

                                                                                                 ~ Jenny Joumaa

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