8 Ways To Improve Conversion Rate For PPC And Google AdWords

improve conversion rate in adwords
Improve Conversion Rate for PPC

The market is constantly transforming with up to the minute sales approaches and other business strategies. And one can cognize this change in the PPC (Pay Per Click) world where ad managers primarily focus on the conversion rate to drive more sales and follow new strategies to help the brand in gaining a pride place in the online market. But, simultaneously, the professionals are worried about the major fall in the conversion rates while running the PPC ads. This is a brainstorming topic that Ad managers usually search on various websites. 

If you are one of those who are unable to drive the desired results in PPC campaigns, then this blog is the right piece to read as here we have covered the best-proven ways to improve the rate of conversion for Search, Display, Shopping, and Local SEO Google Ad Campaign. So, what are you waiting for? Go through the points mentioned below-

1. Conversation Rates- Something To Keep An Eye On

Track the overall performance of ad campaigns so that you can take the necessary steps for the better results. Although it is important to watch for every part of the campaign, you should also know the status of conversion rates of your brand. Therefore, you should grasp the data of all the PPC campaigns as it will help you to spot the difference between the pre-eminent PPC campaigns and the poorly performing ones. Such comparison leads you to take the better foot forward to acquire the best results. 

2. Improve Your CTR

Another smart move for accomplishing the goal of high conversion rates is to work on the CTR ( Click Through Rate). CTR is the number of clicks on the ads as per the number of impressions. CTR is calculated in this way-

Ad Clicks ÷ Ad Impressions = Click-Through Rate

Isn’t it simple? For the better CTR, you need to focus on the below-mentioned points as well. Take a look-

  • Catch Your Right Audience

The foremost thing you can try to improve the CTR of your ad campaign is to focus on the right audience. Yes, you should target your ads to the right audience. From using the demographics for ads to determining the online behavior of the targeted individuals, you can follow several ways or strategies to catch the interest of your audience. 

  • Title Capitalization in Ads Copy is Necessary

Yes, it is. Make sure that each work in the title of your ad copy is in capital letters. In a particular study, it is cleared that people, most of the time, click on the ads with the capitalized titles. 

  • Correct Ads Placement Will Be Beneficial

When you do the right placement of your ads, then there is a high chance of getting more and more clicks. Hence, it will improve your CTR rate. Follow the simple tip- 

“Place your ads where they can reach a maximum number of people.” 

3. Run Mobile Ads – A Focal Point 

In a study, it is observed that the conversion rate on mobile phones is 1.32 percent, whereas, on desktop, it is around 2.4 percent. This study clearly concludes that mobile ads should be one of the focal points to improve the conversion rate. As phone spending is increasing every year, there is a high probability of getting good conversion rates on such devices as compared to desktop or other gadgets. Mobile ads have the power to reach more people. 

4. Incorporate Promotional Sales Strategy into Google Ads 

Consumers always look around for offers and discounts to save more. One can call it, “consumer nature.” Therefore, several companies go for promotional advertising to let the consumers know that “Hurray, there is a sale!” So, you can adopt the promotional sales strategy and incorporate it into your Google Ads campaign to double the conversion or improve it in an effective manner. 

It’s an effective strategy to carry forward for achieving your set leads and sales. Let your Google Ads with the special offers & discounts allow the consumer to purchase from your site. This promotional sales strategy will definitely lead you to the better results that your company strives for. 

5. Say Yes to Negative Keywords

Before we start, how negative keywords are considered the best in maximizing the conversion rate, first you should know about this term. 

“Negative keywords are those keywords that are basically used to block the ads.”

For instance, if you do not have the cream cake in your online bakery then you should use the keyword, “cream cake” as a negative keyword. After implementing this trick, the user will not be able to see the ads whenever they type the “cream cake” keyword. There are various benefits of using negative keywords. 

Some are listed below-

  • Because you have blocked the ads for a particular keyword, so there will be no unnecessary clicks on the ads. 
  • This practice will allow you to save more. 
  • By implementing negative keywords, the user will not visit your website. Hence, the bounce rate will reduce, and the ad’s quality will rise high. 

How to add negative keywords?

  • Navigate to your Google AdWords account.
  • Click on the “Campaigns” Tab.
  • After this, click on the “New Negative Keywords List.”
  • Add the keywords. Enter one keyword per line.
  • Click on Save.

6. Remarketing- An Effective Strategy to Follow 

Gone are those days when you failed to get hold of the consumer who just moved out of your site. Yes. Today, marketers are dedicated to following the remarketing strategy to boost web traffic and conversion rate. This strategy is helpful to remarket the shoppers who visited your website but didn’t make any purchase. But how will you do this? Serve the same ads to the same visitors again to bring them back on your site. If first, they have clicked your PPC ads, then next time, you must show your ads repeatedly to raise their interest to visit again. 

There is no fear of losing customers in the remarketing strategy. Rather, it will improve the conversion rate as it brings the first-timers back on your site as well as assists you to acquire new clients. 

7. Ad Copy Alignment With Landing Pages

Another best approach for the good a quality score or conversion score is to align ad copy with landing pages. This is something that every ad manager put into consideration. Let’s take an example. Suppose a customer wants to buy sliding doors for his home. But your ad copy is landing him on the “All Doors” page of the website.

In such a case, there is a high chance of losing your customer because he won’t like to go through the whole doors section to find the sliding door. Therefore, it is always suggested to align the ad copy to the right landing page to help your customer to grab whatever they are seeking. This strategy will surely convert your click into the direction of purchase. In simple words, it will improve the ads quality score. 

8. Allow Your Exclusive Content to Make Some Noise

If you are using the standard ads with different landing pages each day, then probably, you are missing huge web traffic to visit your page. Break this routine and bring up some new content to drive more traffic to your site. When consumers find something new, then it develops the urge in their minds to know more about it. You can also choose different types of content, including podcasts, webinars, etc. 

Final Words

The main goal of a PPC marketer is to create a good image of the brand on the digital platform. Not only this, but they also work on brand awareness and come up with several marketing tactics and strategies for the desired results. So, here we are wrapping our content on the topic “best ways to improve conversion rate for PPC and Google Adwords.” We hope you find all your answers here!

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