Best Places To Live Near Beach In The US

Places To Live Near Beach

Living a coastal life is the choice of many. There’s something nice about the ocean air, and the oceanfront view. It’s proven that living closer to the ocean or sea improves our overall well-being. People are in a better mood and enjoy their free time much more. That’s why, if you’re about to relocate, you should consider moving to a coastal place. We have prepared a list of the best places to live near the beach in the US, so you can narrow your search and find the perfect home much faster. Enjoy!

Why is living near the beach good for you?

People who haven’t lived in a coastal town often don’t get the benefits of beach life. To help you decide to move to one of the best US beach cities, let’s go through the main advantages of having a home there:

  • You’ll be less stressed. The life in coastal cities is often more relaxed, with a lot of nature to help you reduce the stress.
  • People in beach cities have better sleep. Sea air is fresher and therefore improves the quality of sleep.
  • People exercise more. Running along the beach seems more attractive, so generally, people opt for exercise more often in coastal places. Therefore, people are healthier, too. 
  • It’s a good investment. If you plan on moving to a beachfront property, there are some financial benefits, too. These properties are easier to sell, and they are also amazing rentals. So, these are the options to consider, too.
A coastal city

Coastal life will give you peace of mind, and a more active lifestyle.

What are the best places to live near the beach in the US?

Now, let’s talk about geography. It’s no Mediterranean, but the US has a lot of coastlines. This gives you a lot of options when moving to a city on the beach. However, we wanted to pick only the best beach cities and make sure you’re moving into the home of your dreams. 

Santa Monica, California

One of the top California destinations and surely one of the best places to live near the beach in the US is Santa Monica. It’s located only 16 miles away from Los Angeles and ranks very high in terms of the quality of life. It gives its residents a relaxed lifestyle, yet it’s close to LA’s busy vibe. Apart from its amazing location, the place offers highly rated public schools, many entertainment options, and outdoor activities.

Seattle, Washington

Living close to the beach doesn’t mean you need to put up with a hot climate. Want to enjoy a milder climate, but still have access to the amazing ocean view? You should move near the shore in Seattle. You will be able to enjoy great nature and the city’s busy vibe and have both warm and cold days throughout the year. However, be sure to choose an experienced mover who knows the city well, to avoid moving complications and additional problems. 

Seattle as one of the best places to live near the beach in the US

Seattle is surely a top choice among the best places to live near the beach in the US.

Boca Raton, Florida 

Close to both Miami and West Palm Beach, Boca Raton is a great small city to move to. It’s popular among golfers, but also beach lovers. You can choose among some great neighborhoods, and enjoy a classic dream life in Florida. Boca Raton offers great education opportunities, amazing restaurants, art and sports events, outdoor activities, and more. Living here is the same as living in  Miami Beach but in a more relaxed and crowd-free way. Finally, if you get tired of the place, you can get a ferry ride to the Bahamas and enjoy the tropical paradise there. Check out the Florida seashore guide for more outdoor activities in the area.

Naples, Florida

Let’s continue with Florida’s gems. Probably ranked the highest among the cities with great quality of life, Naples is the South Florida town that offers amazing pristine beaches, golf courses, and parks. Also, aside from the perfect weather, you can enjoy great shopping, tasty food – everything with a view.  The population is only 20,000. However, don’t let it fool you – the city is among the wealthiest in the US.

Florida's beach

It’s not a surprise that Florida gives the best places to live near the beach in the US.

Mashpee, Massachusetts 

Located right outside Boston, Mashpee gives you a cozy vibe with some lovely neighborhoods. You can enjoy nearby natural beauties in all four seasons. Both winter and summer are mild, whereas spring and autumn are just perfect. You can enjoy South Cape Beach and its dunes, just a few minutes’ ride from your home – which you can buy at the median house price of about $420,000.

Newport Beach, California

Another California gem is on the list of the best places to live near the beach in the US – and that’s Newport Beach. The biggest disadvantage though are the finances – the place is on the pricier side, but for a good reason. It’s one of the best places to live in the country, and it’s also popular among tourists. 

Corpus Christi, Texas

If you’re thinking about moving to the area of the Gulf of Mexico, you should consider Corpus Christi. It has a population of about 320,000, with the median home value of $149,900 – which is more affordable than some other Texas cities. It provides its residents with fun activities on the coast all year long. You can stay close to the water whenever you want. However, if some of the days are too hot for you, there are plenty of indoor activities to try out, as well as some amazing restaurants to visit.

We understand that picking a new home is not always easy. However, the list of the best places to live near the beach in the US is a way to start. You should be able to narrow the list down after considering some of your individual factors – like your family’s needs, work, etc. Good luck with finding your perfect beach houses.

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