Innovative Ways To Organize Your Precious Jewelry

Ways To Organize Jewelry

It doesn’t matter how many silver necklaces, stud earrings, and gold bracelets you have. If you can’t see them or if they are tangled, it is useless. It’s time to untangle that mess and organize your jewelry collection. When you’re not wearing your most exquisite accessories, several jewelry storage methods allow you to use them as decor in your home.

Before you start organizing your jewelry, look through it to see if there are any items that are broken or that you no longer wear. After looking through your collections, decide which of them you want to keep or toss. By organizing your jewelry, you can have the chance to clean and polish all of them and store them after. 

If you want to organize your jewelry properly, keep reading to learn some of the innovative ways to organize your precious jewelry securely and effectively. 

1. Drawer Compartments

It’s critical to find a suitable location for your jewelry. You’ll need to set aside a permanent drawer in your cabinet or a container specifically for jewelry. Moisture should be avoided at all costs, especially when it comes to jewelry. Even a small amount of moisture in the air might cause your jewelry to fade or discolor.

Organizers with velvet linen are available in any store. They are the greatest material for storing your expensive jewelry. Also, drawer sections made of acrylic will help you manage your cheaper jewels. There are numerous designs and sizes to choose from. With this well-organized method, you can find any jewelry pieces you are looking for quickly.

2. Display On A Wall

One option to showcase your necklaces is to hang them on the wall with simple wall hooks. This is a DIY project that you can do without spending a lot of money. This feature helps organize your item and saves you time looking for jewelry every time you need them.

You can also utilize the wall of your room to construct homemade shelves or racks on which to store objects you use regularly. So that they will be immediately available and you will not have to dig through your cabinet to find them.

3. Jewelry Pocket Organizer and Boxes

If you’ve spent money on high-quality jewelry, you’ll want to take additional care of it. Check out some top-of-the-line jewelry boxes with comfortable fabric linings. Many of them are constructed of high-quality materials and are stackable.

You can buy bags made of velvet or other fabrics to protect particular necklaces and earrings even more. To keep your jewelry safe, keep it in a drawstring bag. You might also buy a closet organizer to hang in your closet. They have clear pockets, so you can see what’s inside each one. It’s a space-saving solution for storing all of your costume jewelry.

jewelry organizer

4. DIY Organizer

Do you have any corks in your home that are just lying around? If you have, you can create a DIY organizer by sticking all the corks together and have them glued in an old picture frame. After creating your corkboard, you can start pushing pins for your necklaces or bracelets.

You can also put your earrings on a ribbon by clipping them. This will make sure that your earrings are intact and are organized properly.  

5. Place Ring Dishes Around the House

To make it easier to find your favorite accessories, keep your everyday jewelry in plain sight at your getting-ready station. Consider putting a few ring dishes in strategic areas if you take off your rings to do the dishes or before bed. 

Not only will you avoid forgetting where you put them, but you’ll also avoid having your prized possessions slip into the sink or under your bed. 

6. Use Divided Jewelry Organizers

Look for drawer organizers that have sections and slots for sorting your jewelry by type. Use specialized jewelry drawer organizers or recycle cutlery holders, colored ice cube trays, or dividers from kitchen drawers to decorate the interior of a drawer. Each compartment should be labeled so that your diamonds are always put back in their rightful position.

Putting all of your valuables in a single plastic box or box isn’t the greatest approach to keep it safe. There are many additional ways to store your precious jewelry, but looking for the cheapest and useful organizers will surely save you money. 


Now that you have an idea of some of the innovative ways you can organize your jewelry, you can start cleaning and storing your accessories properly. Follow the tips above, and you will enjoy a cheaper way of creating storage for them. 

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