How to Introduce A Touch of Style and Comfort To Your Bedroom

Style and Comfort To Your Bedroom
Style and Comfort To Your Bedroom

One of the biggest fallacies in contemporary interior design is that style costs a pretty penny. This is simply not true, as a home can be both stylish and comfortable on a budget. Furthermore, most of the suggestions we list below are DIY décor fixes that every homeowner can easily apply.

Dried foliage for a fresh look

A green and fragrant home is definitely considered stylish but what about maintenance? Plants require constant watering and if you own a large house, then you will be going up and down the stairs all the time. For homeowners who are not green thumbs, there is a neat solution: dried plants and flowers.

A vintage vase full of dried blooms looks impressive, yet it requires little to no care. Since dried plants and flowers are brittle and sensitive to touch, be gentle when you dust them. We suggest lavender, eucalyptus, and hydrangea.

Comfortable appliances

When it comes to boosting comfort, the quickest way to achieve so in the bedroom is to install a couple of handy appliances. For example, there are high-tech LED lamps that don’t hurt human eyesight and come with a reading mode.

Furthermore, you should install a thermostat in the bedroom, so air temperature can be programmed to go down in the evening. This will increase the quality of your sleep, as a cold room is healthier to sleep in. However, the room temperature will automatically go up before sunrise, so you’ll wake up to a warm room.

Everything should have its place

If you find clutter annoying in the kitchen, then you’ll hate bedroom clutter. Clutter easily forms in this room, as simply failing to make your bed counts as clutter. Decluttering isn’t easy either, as clutter has a nasty habit of reemerging after a couple of days.

The best method to say goodbye to bedroom clutter once and for all is to find a place for every little thing. From the alarm clock to each and every cushion, the bedroom should become one big storage unit where everything fits together like LEGOs. 

Introduce decorative quilts

A messy bed counts as clutter, so you should make it every morning. We are sure you have silk and wool quilts that are comfortable to cover yourself at night with but you should get a couple of decorative quilts.

These can be used to cover the bed during the day, so you get extra seating space or you can use them to cover yourself during a power nap in the afternoon.

Go for calm colours

When it comes to the colour palette for the bedroom, then we recommend you opt for calm, mellow colours. After all, the bedroom is the place inside the house where you should feel at ease. This is hardly achieved by painting the walls and ceiling blue or tacky orange.

The most suitable colors for the bedroom are warm and neutral hues, such as beige and white. Even light green and yellow are acceptable. Then painting the ceiling, be sure to use a slightly darker tone, so you end up with a contrast that will make a small bedroom appear larger.

Music in the bedroom?

One of the biggest misconceptions about interior design is that it is purely related to architecture. Apart from looking nice, the bedroom should sound nice as well. Installing a sound system is a great investment that can raise the value of your property.

After all, there aren’t many bedrooms with a stereo system out there. Playing all genres of music allows you to control your mood, so you can unwind while reading a book or before going to bed. After listening to Tchaikovsky for half an hour, you’ll doze off without having to count the sheep.

Headboards are trendy once more

Whether it’s Baroque or Romanticism, every style in architecture had its own headboards that went on bed frames. However, modern beds are manufacture in a way that doesn’t accentuate the headboard, which is in most cases pretty rudimentary designed.

On the upside, lavishly decorated headboards are making a comeback in the form of plush headboards. This design is actually quite functional, as you cannot bang your head on a padded board. There are plenty of styles to choose from but we recommend going for soft tones, such as pink, velvet, and burgundy.

A single rug makes a difference

Finally, you shouldn’t leave the bedroom floor bare. Admittedly, parquet does look nice but it is far too common to be considered stylish, especially if it’s made from affordable timber, such as bamboo. 

To boost comfort, place a rug in from of the bed, so you can enter and leave the bedroom barefoot. A rug or a mat isn’t only stylish but it helps acoustics in the home, as walking on hardwood floors feels like thumping to people resting downstairs. 

Style and comfort complement each other in bedroom design. Whether it’s a thermostat or a fuzzy rug, there are plenty of affordable décor solutions you can apply to end up with an inviting bedroom. 

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