Usage Of Old Wooden Pallets At Home And In Garden

Old Wooden Pallets

Recently, I came across an old wooden pallet which was made with a specific pallet machine one day. Then it was totally useless and new idea came up to my mind when buying bricks.

And then I had a question, can this pallet serve on the farm? Without postponing, I began to be interested in this topic. And it turned out that people with creative thinking have given a second life to pallets for a long time.

The use of this “garbage” in ideas in everyday life was so varied that I wanted to share this wealth of thoughts with others. As it turned out, Euro pallets can be used in two versions: as they are and disassembled.

Since disassembling pallets is a time consuming task and requires certain skills, we will consider this option in a separate article. In the meantime, let’s dwell on the ideas of using old wooden pallets (pallets) in everyday life with the least labor input.

What can be made from pallets:

Coffee or coffee tables from pallets look great, to which the least effort was made to refine them.

table made of pallets

If there are enough pallets in stock, then you can expand the circle of creativity and make not just a table, but also sofas and armchairs, if you know how to work not only with a saw and a hammer, but are able to pick up fabric and scissors.

pallet sofa

You can also make various racks, partitions, bar cabinets. A large number of pallets at hand makes it possible to arrange an office or workplace in a minimalist spirit. Or a room for educational and play activities for your child, a small house or a comfortable, protected baby cot.

pallets for kids

If the pallets are already lying around completely idle, and you do not have time, at least organize a place for storing tools or a compost pit.
And with more diligence and skill, you can equip a relaxation area with sun loungers and sun loungers, protect your feet from wet grass or flooded areas, and surround yourself with wonderful clubs, hanging lawns, a tennis table and other amenities.

pallets in the garden

The easiest way to use pallets is to lay out paths from them on the site. Or build a staircase in the house, but here you need to take care of the strong fastening of the structure.
If you have a lot of free time and zeal, then old pallets can be disassembled into planks, and then nothing will interfere with the scope of your thoughts.

Vases And Flower Beds

Hand-made flowerpots and flower beds are my separate big love. Such things not only harmoniously fit into the interiors of homesteads or summer cottages, but also create their own special and practical comfort in our gardens and houses.

The beauty of the so-called vertical flower beds is that they do not take up much space, they can help us when zoning or masking “secret” places. Pallets are perfect for their creation, and bright and compact marigolds in small pots will decorate our design.
Not every dacha has the opportunity to make a separate flower garden, but you really want bright colors and pleasant aromas that fresh flowers give us, from the spring months to autumn.

DIY Garden Furniture

In this section, we will discuss how using wooden pallets, boxes or pallets not only to decorate, but to truly transform your garden or summer cottage area. We will see that we can do not only benches, but also real full-fledged recreation areas or, as it is fashionable to call them today, patios.

Designs can be of any scale! The floor lined with pallets for the gazebo, in winter, if necessary, can be disassembled like a designer. Such a “podium” will not collect puddles during rains, and an additional tier of the same material can be turned into sun loungers by simply placing comfortable mattresses on them.

If you like kebabs, then you will definitely like this. Here, of course, pallets alone are not enough, but taking them as a basis for such a design, you can make a real portable mini kitchen for picnics in the country! You can mount a sink in it, make a workplace on the table and install an electric grill. I think that both the hosts and guests will be very pleased with this decision. In addition, I offer you a recipe for kupata sausages.

A double chaise longue, or better to say, a chaise longue for two, will allow you to add a little romance to your life and to your garden, which, by the way, can be winter, as the size of the armchair allows us to place it both on the porch and in the closed veranda.
So please yourself and loved ones with your skill, ingenuity and golden hands. Work carefully – don’t forget about safety and well-deserved rest.


I really hope that the information on how you can use wooden pallets effectively was not only interesting for you, but also useful. And you will definitely figure out how best to improve your house, apartment or personal plot. By the way, we made from used. pallet small benches and two flower beds near the entrance of his city apartment – all the neighbors like it.

Wood and wood recyclable materials can be an excellent material for our everyday “creativity”. Of course, you will need to make a little effort – to clean or sand the surface of the wood in order to avoid scratches or splinters, apply special protective agents, such as varnish or paint, to preserve our “ideas” for a long time and give them an aesthetic look, but the work, for sure, will pay off with excellent results.

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