The Evolution Of Hard Surface Flooring

Hard surface flooring
Hard surface flooring

Hard surface flooring has always complemented living spaces and each period had a preferred type of flooring. In this modern age, getting one of the available luxury carpets companies to handle your hard surface flooring takes away the stress of choosing a suitable flooring option.

There was a time when the type of flooring you had in your home indicated your status in society. The rich always had a specific type of flooring in their homes, which the poor could not afford ranging. This type of flooring ranged from unique painting and figures to expensive marble floors.

If you visit the ancient cities in Venice and Rome, you would still find the marble pillars and floor decorated with unique images and patterns. In churches in Venice, you may have to look down from a balcony to appreciate the paintings used to decorate the floor. The wealthy people in Rome had underfloor heating systems which are also common with only wealthy people and can be done by only a few DIY experts even in this present age.  

Techniques Supporting the Floor Tiles

The heating system involves a relatively simple technique which involved supporting the floor tiles on joists to create gaps between the foundation and the tiles. They filled the gaps with vent and furnace, which made heat from the furnace to get pulled across the gaps, producing heat below the tiles.

With the fall of the roman empire, intricate artistic floor designs became obsolete. Ordinary stone blocks gradually came into existence, then traditionally woven rugs and carpets came along many years later.

In the 1940s, linoleum became popular. Linoleum flooring is common in homes of older people like our great grandparents. Linoleum is easy to use, durable and reliable. They had thin layers of either bold or plain patterns. Most people in that time used very vibrant colours and patterns of linoleum which modern homeowners find extravagant.

Design of Flooring

In the 1850s, monochrome design of flooring became popular and is still popular today. Most people use monochrome designs for modern bathrooms and kitchen. During the 1960s, designs of flooring were more colourful with most people using different loud colours for their floors. Rugs from exotic places and different textures became the preferred flooring option.

Modern-day carpet came into existence in the 1960s, and by 1970s, carpet flooring became popular. These carpets were available in different colours, including those now considered as bizarre. Most bathroom designs had an avocado green theme, and this trend was also present in 2019.

By the 80s, vinyl, an upgrade to linoleum became popular. Vinyl is still a popular flooring option today, but, they are mostly available in neutral and natural designs, unlike those in the 80s, which had several colours, marble-like effect, and floral patterns. Looking at the vinyl flooring that was popular in the 80s, one would wonder how they loved so many colours because these colours tend to stress the eyes.

Cool Type of Flooring

In the 2000s, flooring took a somewhat backward turn because most people decided to let go of the top flooring like linoleum, carpets and vinyl, and left their floor bare. Rustic floors became the cool type of flooring, and most people desired the more rustic floors. Some stores today make vinyl flooring that look like wooden planks.

Some years back, most homeowners opted for wall-to-wall carpets, but now a lot of homes only cover a part of their floor with carpets. The choice of getting wall-to-wall or area carpets depends on the individual’s taste and what they find comfortable and stylish.

Most people consider carpets to be the biggest evolution in flooring. After the 70s, carpets were no longer a thing for floors, but by the 90s, they made a comeback. However, carpets in the 90s were hard to clean and had uncomfortable textures, but people still used them to cover the floor of their homes.

Although innovations have brought about better-textured carpets, the type you get depends on your budget. However, there are several options now available, ranging from the pricey luxurious wool carpets to the affordable ones made with synthetic materials. More designs of carpets are also available, and carpets seem like a flooring option that would remain relevant for a long time.

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