Waterproofing: An Underrated Necessity While Painting The House


How many times have you heard people consider the cost and importance of waterproofing a house while deciding to paint it? It is usually taken as more of an inconvenience rather than something serious. However, most of the damages to homes are done due to water-related issues like leakage, seepage, fungus, molds, etc. A simple bucket of waterproof paint can go a long way to create a healthy home and reduce later costs and stress of damage.

Why is it beneficial

It is critical and yet neglected for some reason. However, understanding the long-term benefits of waterproofing will change your mind about its requirement

It protects the interiors of the house from water damage

The foundation of the home, the walls, and floors are usually exposed to the weather (sun or water). This can cause the elements to dampen and crack. Waterproofing can prevent water damage and promote a healthy foundation.

Prevents eventual health problems

The moisture in the walls and ceilings can build up a significant amount of mold and mildew. The spores created as a result of these can enter into the air and into the lungs. This can cause health problems.

Saves money

Even though it may not seem like a cost-effective solution at the time, prevention is better than cure. Think of it as a long-term investment that may end up saving you from the hassles of insurance claims and keep the home colour intact for a long time. Why not do it at the beginning?

Saves the structural integrity of the building

Not only in the houses but waterproofing the building, on the whole, can promote the well-being of the residents. Using waterproof roof paint, such paints in the parking, lobbies, basements, etc, will only promote long-term comfort and less pain.

How can you get this done?

Aapka painter provides some great, budget-friendly, and completely effective waterproofing services. They can help with any part of the home as deemed necessary – roof and terrace, bathroom, walls, etc. They ensure quality as they follow all the safety protocols, quality control, insured service, surveys and inspection, and monetary benefits. You can choose from the different services they offer the ones you would like for your home.

Cementitious waterproofing

This is an easy-to-apply hack to waterproofing the home however, due to the rigid nature of cement, it can be prone to cracks and leaks

Liquid waterproofing membrane

This is well suited for all roof surfaces

Bituminous membrane waterproofing

This service can be used for residential and commercial spaces however, caution must be applied as bitumen is combustible at high temperatures.

Polyurethane waterproofing

This doesn’t require much skill or supervision and is easy to install. It can resist water, oils, and other chemicals.

Experts advise taking into careful consideration the waterproofing needs of the house. This step is vital for several reasons and skipping it may lead to irreparable damage. Make a healthy home and a healthy life with this simple step.

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