Living By The Ocean

Find Top 5 Benefits Of Living By The Ocean

lving by the ocean.

Living by the ocean has become our collective dream as it is a synonym for vacation, relaxation, and everything we don’t get to do throughout the rest of the year. But there are numerous health benefits to living near the coast, too. No matter who suggested that you move closer to the ocean, consider that advice. It is difficult to think of any disadvantages of that choice while, on the other hand, the advantages are many.

1. Health & Wellness

Doctors have been sending their patients to recover in sea and oceanside spas since there were first doctors. The gentle and warm climate, the fresh and clean air, the sea spray, and aerosol particles are all beneficial to people with respiratory issues. A mist of saline water dispersed in the air soothes the mucosal lining and benefits people with sinusitis. Moreover, the air charged with negative ions helps the absorption of oxygen in the lungs. Oxygen boost alertness, productiveness, and mood, among other things. 

Also, seawater in combination with moderate exposure to sun heals various skin conditions. Trace elements in seawater like iodine, magnesium, sulfur, and others have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Swimming in the ocean nourishes the skin ailed by psoriasis and acne. Moreover, responsible exposure of skin to the sun moderates vitamin D levels. The vitamin is required to keep teeth and bones healthy and the immune system in top shape. At the same time, the salty air full of aerosol helps calm asthma and allergies. 

2. Sports activities & Exercise

Living by the ocean invites people to spend more time outdoors and involve themselves in a vast variety of sports. One of the most beneficial in this pool of activities (pun intended) is swimming. It uses nearly all muscles and builds their strength, as well as endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Furthermore, swimming greatly helps regulate and sustain a healthy weight. It keeps the heart healthy as it boosts circulation, maintains the heart rate, and reduces t stress. Swimming also encourages a good night’s sleep.

A boy swimming in the ocean.

On the other hand, water aerobics is emerging as one of the most popular water sports. It is an excellent choice for convalescents and those affected by rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. The mineral-suffused water relieves the worst of the symptoms. To those who prefer land activities more, sandy beaches become a running track. The soft sand serves as a buffer and takes away some of the force of physical impact. 

3. Mindfulness & Relaxation

We don’t need test studies, even though they do exist, to believe that living by the ocean wards off depression and anxiety. It is more than an autosuggestion or placebo effect. Even observing the vast blue has a calming effect on the nervous system. The sense of awe that people experience when they face the ocean reflecting the bright sky above makes them put things into a different perspective. With the help of mindfulness exercises, a raw and powerful connection with nature is easily achieved at the oceanside.

an aerial view of Key West, Florida.

There is probably no better place to meditate, open your mind, and spur creative thinking than the oceanside. The gentle humming of waves, the sea breeze, and the warm rays of the setting (or rising) sun invite a nirvana most of us experience only when we’re vacationing. Incorporating this time away from everything into our day is a step towards good habits and healthier living. Battling everyday stress doesn’t have to be a struggle, but a simple enjoyable routine. Exposure to cold water activates the parasympathetic nervous system and stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that regulate mood.

4. Blessed with access to two oceans, U.S. citizens are offered numerous choices

The California coastline, for example, is 840 miles long and home to 420 beaches. The Golden State is inevitably becoming synonymous with the ultimate dream life by the sea and rich outdoor lifestyle. Sunny weather that is, perhaps, surpassed only by Florida’s, is a great asset and is regularly attracting new homeowners to its cities.

One of those cities is Monterey, resting in the bay behind two beaches. Its citizens get to enjoy more than the ocean view. All the beneficial elements of living by the Pacific ocean have intertwined here making the city ever more popular. So, take some time to plan your move to the wonderful Monterey and enjoy anticipating the numerous privileges of waking to the view of Monterey Bay.

A view of the Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, California.

Florida, on the other hand, and on another ocean, is a popular destination for all who are aware of the benefits of living by the beach. The Florida coast is lined with towns and cities that have a long history of welcoming transplants from other parts of the country. Mostly, seniors, these new residents are attracted to all the opportunities living by the sea can offer. The only downside can be the occurrence of hurricanes and tornadoes, which citizens seem to have gotten accustomed to.

5. Living by the ocean is fun

Most of our best memories are tied to the time when we were most relaxed. Summer vacations at the beach are a treasure cove of smiles and simple life indulgencies. Hence, it doesn’t surprise at all that those who wish to move to the oceanside want to relive those moments and incorporate them into their everyday lives. Most of the time, the health benefits of living by the ocean are almost ignored only to emerge after a while. It is difficult to disregard the state of mind, body, and soul after a few months of living near the coastline.

However, we can’t all move and live by the ocean. Factors that regulate supply and demand also regulate the number of citizens living in any coastline region. It is certain that the large pressure on the coastal ecosystem can produce multiple negative effects, eventually destroying the seaside we all cherish. Achieving a work-life balance that involves regular visits to the nearest ocean can have a positive impact on all parties involved.

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