Best Exterior Painters: Exploring Means to Avoid Damage to Exterior Walls

All professional home painters around the world are of the same opinion that nothing can better transform a home than a fresh coat of paint. Irrespective of the shade or type of pain being used, a new painting job can give the exterior of the house a very modern look. For a perfect exterior wall paint finish, satin and eggshell are the best choices as they have high durability and easier to clean.

These finishes also enhance your exterior paint colour ideas. Apart from providing a stunning look, a good exterior paint job is important for the upkeep and maintenance of the exterior walls of the house as well.

With a range of the best exterior painters providing expert services in the market today, homeowners can opt for a painting job done to provide an extra layer of protection for the exterior walls against harsh weather, built up of moulds and fungus that can penetrate the walls and damage the architecture. Exterior painting is also a proven solution against unwanted weather conditions like wind, sun, and snow. 

Best Exterior Painters
Best Exterior Painters

There are some common issues that show in the exterior walls that are signs of the requirement of new paint job: 

1.     Alligatoring or Patterned Cracking & Scaling of The Exterior Paint-

Causes of Alligatoring:

  • If a hard drying topcoat is applied over a non-dry coating
  • Rapid drying of the topcoat due to sun exposure
  • Aging of oil-based paints
  • Constant contraction and expansion due to temperature fluctuation.

 2.     Blistering or Bubble Formation Under the Paint-

Causes of Blistering that can be Avoided with Best Exterior Painters:

  • Application of paint on a warm surface in direct sunlight
  • Applying oil-based paint on a wet or damp surface
  • Moisture surfacing on the walls.

 3.     Chalking or Layer of Fine Powder on Top of Paint-

Causes of Chalking:

  • Application of paint meant for interior walls.
  • Exposure oil or alkyd-based paint to harsh sunlight

 4.     Cracking or Flaking-

Causes of Cracking that can be Avoided with Best Exterior Painters:

  • Multiple layers of paint on old substrates
  • Spreading of the paint too thin
  • Faulty surface preparation like not using a primer prior to painting.
  • Application of paint in cold or windy weather condition making the latex paint dry rapidly.
  • Poor adherence due to use low quality paint.
Best Exterior Painters
Best Exterior Painters

 5.     Efflorescence or Appearance of White Fluffy Salt Crystals-

Causes of Efflorescence:

  • Poor surface preparation
  • Escape of moisture through the exterior masonry walls.
  • Curing time insufficient for new cement or mortar applied

 6.     Fading, Lightening or Color Change-


  • Due to exposure to harsh sunlight
  • Altered paint that leads to fast chalking of the painted surface.
  • Application of UV radiation sensitive paint shades like lighter shades of yellows, reds, and oranges.

 7.     Peeling-

Causes of Peeling that can be Avoided with Best Exterior painters:

  • Accumulation of excess moisture in the substrate, more common with oil-based paint
  • Application of painting on a dirty surface
  • Poor surface preparation
  • Application of oil-based paint on moist surface
  • Application of low-quality paints

 8.     Tannin Staining-


  • Tannin, a water-soluble dye found especially in red-colored woods, with combination with latex based topcoats may develop a stain on the finish coat. 

Deciding to paint the exterior walls is often a difficult matter of choice, especially dealing with color options. There are several key factors to be considered that need to be borne in mind to ensure that the job is done in the right way. Though hiring the best exterior painters will increase the budget of the painting job, it can help ensure the reliability, consistency, and longevity of the service.

Homeowners planning to paint their homes but are fairly confused between selecting a local painter or a professional painting service, it is advisable to choose contractors who have been in the business long enough and have earned a reliable reputation. Some might think about the pocket pinch of hiring a professional service, however, the fact remains that though hiring a local painter would save some money, but the experience and the result might be disappointing.

There are chances that the result would be a sloppy paint job and extra money would be spent for repairing. Since painting is way more complex that holding a paintbrush, choosing the best exterior painters is a wiser choice at the end of the day.

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