Should You Buy Guest Posts For Your New Blog

buy guest blog posts
buy guest blog posts

There are various ways to get links for your site. An excellent way to get them is by buying guest posts! This is probably the best way to get them.

You write a great post with lots of great content and others find it and like it, repost it. They archive it and will give you credit for writing great content. A lot of people use this method to get around not having to write the post, and just finding a way to write it so it is link worthy.

There are some great writers out there that can write some incredible posts. Find them and give them a try! This method is somewhat difficult because you need to find writers willing to work for you for cheap. If you can afford to pay a few bucks for great content, then doit!

But the method I am going to talk about has something to with SEO.

The key here is finding sites in your niche that allow guest posting.

By finding a high authority site in your niche that allows guest posting, you are successfully building some backlinks to your site and What’s even better you are getting traffic from your guest posters.

Outreach other bloggers

You can even approach other bloggers in the same niche and see if they would be interested in doing some guest posting.

Chances are, if they are interested, they would give you some great backlinks.

A few things you need to know about guest posting

1. If you are starting a blog, its better to guest post on smaller blogs. These smaller blogs scale isn’t as important as some make it out to be.

2. A blog that allows all the time you need to write a great post, and the bloggers already know you and are already interested in your site.

3. Guest posting allows you to write on a topic that interests you and if the post is great even if the blogger says no, make sure you feel it would be beneficial to them and their readers.

4. Make sure you are writing great posts and replying to the comments in the guest post. The last thing you want to do is turn off your readers because of the situation.

5. Make sure the name tag and the title tag in your guest post contain the keywords you are looking to rank for. This will let the search engines confirm that this is what the post is about.

6. If possible, try to write a post on the same topic. Very few bloggers will take this opportunity so this could be the reason why you want to avoid this.

7. If you are not writing a new post, tell your blogger when you can post something new. He or she might be interested in writing something about a similar topic and this could lead to better traffic for your site.

Digital marketing guest posting sites

There are more article directories now offering digital marketing guest posting than ever before. The internet is becoming faster and more digital. Websites are becoming smarter and more user-friendly. People are getting used to instant information and they don’t have the time anymore to spend hours looking for blog posts and decides to search out the latest in the topics.

When people look for blogs, they tend to look at the top ranked sites first. Those top ranked sites get all the traffic. Why? Backlinks. It’s like Twitter. If you didn’t know, one of the best ways to get digital marketing guest posts is to have your blog posts or your article indexed high in Google. In fact, when I was researching what top SEO companies do, I checked their free internet marketing videos on a particular subject and they tell you that to get found by Google, you need to get your blog posts indexed high.

Importance of statistics

Statistics show that only a small fraction of the people visiting their blogs ever reach their level of expertise. The reason? They can’t find you. Getting your blog posts indexed high by search engines is vital. So if you want to be found by more organic traffic, it is digital marketing guest post writing text that will get you there and keeps you there.

The number of articles submitted to directories has increased by 200% just in the last two years. And this is where it gets good. The majority of digital marketing freelance writers submit your articles to online directories. Getting free traffic from writing SEO articles isn’t hard. You just need to get started and do this.

If you haven’t submitted your article yet then stop right here. This is the best time to submit articles. When I was first starting out, I wrote 10 articles and submitted them to directories. But I stopped that right away. Submitting to directories has become a very bad habit. Like count how many times before you make a real effort to submit. Here is my suggestion. Do not do it. Not today, not next day, start today!

Directories submission

Create a huge impact with your articles. If you do all that you can to create a positive impact on people and situations, good things will come. All it takes is a little bit of will power, a bit of improved writing skills and some solved issues.

Article directories offer you useful backlinks. If you write good articles, all you have to do is mention your site in the author bio. Search engines love sites that have good author bio. It is the best way to get free traffic and backlinks too.

Sum Up

Submitting to directories is a long-term investment. Only submissions that bring results will take away all the time put into it. Writing good articles and syndicating that with other sites can be very lucrative. The best way to get start is to diversify and never put all your eggs in one basket. I offer a free SEO course that will show you every aspect of this marketing strategy. click here to learn more about it.

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